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    Gosh, your career failure has left a chip…

    • On the other hand, senior execs do spend at least some of their time agonising over the wording of “Our Values” and posting sickeningly insincere “colleague engagement” videos on youtube. So on the basis of this evidence, it might be fair to conclude that if that’s what you want to do with your life (and let’s face it, you do have to devote your life to it, you don’t get there for nowt), you probably don’t have a soul.

    • @amy On the contrary im only 29 and a couple of years back decided that following passions in my life like soccer, generally spending times with people I like being around was far more important to me than striving for ever more money, ever more responsibility, being constantly connected to emails all to achieve a high flying career for which i really dont care.

      When I started work out of uni at 22 I was all for going after a big career but after 5 years realised it wasn’t what was important to me. I earn more than enough to enjoy my life at the moment so why not do that now instead of regretting being a slave to the corporate bone hammer when im in my 60’s and cant get my time back?

      I have no chips. Why we are pushed in the direction of needing to have a big career to be a…[Read more]

      • I think there’s an interesting divide between people here: that of extrinsic and intrinsic value.

        I have enormous respect and admiration for people who work hard and achieve a great deal when what they’re doing has intrinsic value. Academics, creatives, medical professionals, etc etc all devote themselves to their work in a way that I just can’t be arsed with (although I do have to do work that has intrinsic value because otherwise I’m overwhelmed by a sense of emptiness and despair as I watch my life slowly disappear down the drain of capitalist futility).

        But if it’s just climbing a career ladder to achieve money and status – which are extrinsic rewards, they reward us by being compared against others – I don’t see the value. There might be positive side-effects like…[Read more]

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    To be fair, the ones mentioning lack of candidates may well be true.

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    If your serious about doing it and can afford it then definitely a Concept 2, theres a very good reason why you see them and not other companies products in most gyms and leisure centres.

    I looked at all the options and bought the Concept 2 Model E for just over £1K, you can get the Model D for£850 new, the difference is the monitor and interface with smartphone apps, I’m geeky about things like that and like being able to use all the smartphone apps.
    You can pick up used/reconditioned ones, I would be wary unless they have some degree of warranty just because you don’t know how worn they are, or whether they have been looked after.
    I bought mine in Jan and got the bug big style, I was rowing 10K’s a day four five times a week, unfortunately a scorre related injury then stopped m…[Read more]

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    Indeed. If we want to make any substantial impact on Russia then we need to hit them in the wallet, it seems to be the only thing they understand. Quite why major sports tournaments keep going to countries that are f*cked up is beyond my comprehension…unless bribes are involved.

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    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    As an Arsenal fan of a long-time standing, I crave the defensive toughness and counter-attacking speed of the George Graham teams. I feel very disorientated watching Arsenal these days (unlike when I first followed Arsenal seriously in the late 80s). Wenger did do well for his first decade as manager but ran out of steam years ago. He has made very few good decisions at all about the defence since the break-up of the great Spunky/Dixon/Nige/Donkey Adams/Martin Keown (or Bouldy) defence.

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    No! And here’s why:

    A) Wenger is easily the most interesting manager in the Premier League. Even though he is not really likeable I find myself really liking him. Arguably he presided over the most beautiful football ever played in the UK. He is part of the culture of our football – if we lose him we will miss him.

    B) It would be very unwise to suppose his replacement could improve Arsenal’s status without some significant change in spending on the team. According to no less a source than the Daily Star (sorry, it was the first google hit and I am lazy) over the last 10 years these are the top premier league transfer spending clubs:

    1. Man City

    2. Man Utd

    3. Chelsea

    4. Liverpool

    5. Tottenham

    6. Arsenal

    The relationship between spending and success seems clear, and on this…[Read more]

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    Thank you. I’ve tried ibeleve gel which helps a bit. I will be going to doc if it’s not improved in a couple of days.

  • Anyone have any experience with shoulder pain for the last few days I’ve been in pain.
    Shoulder joint hurts with movement and feels weak. Worse when raising my arm. Not injured it as far as I know. Will be going to doc if it doesn’t improve just wonder if anyone else has had anything like it.

  • @lilly Can I get them made via the doctor

  • I wear supportive shoes, tried orthotics and do my stretching already.
    Think I may try some laser with a physio.

  • Does anyone else suffer with this and if so how do you manage it. I’m on my feet a lot and really struggle with it in my right heel.