• If your serious about doing it and can afford it then definitely a Concept 2, theres a very good reason why you see them and not other companies products in most gyms and leisure centres.

    I looked at all the options and bought the Concept 2 Model E for just over £1K, you can get the Model D for£850 new, the difference is the monitor and i…[Read more]

  • Amy posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Indeed. If we want to make any substantial impact on Russia then we need to hit them in the wallet, it seems to be the only thing they understand. Quite why major sports tournaments keep going to countries that are f*cked up is beyond my comprehension…unless bribes are involved.

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    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    As an Arsenal fan of a long-time standing, I crave the defensive toughness and counter-attacking speed of the George Graham teams. I feel very disorientated watching Arsenal these days (unlike when I first followed Arsenal seriously in the late 80s). Wenger did do well for his first decade as manager but ran…[Read more]

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    No! And here’s why:

    A) Wenger is easily the most interesting manager in the Premier League. Even though he is not really likeable I find myself really liking him. Arguably he presided over the most beautiful football ever played in the UK. He is part of the culture of our football – if we lose him we will miss him.

    B) It would be very unwise to…[Read more]

  • Amy replied to the topic How to ease shoulder pain? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    Thank you. I’ve tried ibeleve gel which helps a bit. I will be going to doc if it’s not improved in a couple of days.

  • Anyone have any experience with shoulder pain for the last few days I’ve been in pain.
    Shoulder joint hurts with movement and feels weak. Worse when raising my arm. Not injured it as far as I know. Will be going to doc if it doesn’t improve just wonder if anyone else has had anything like it.

  • @lilly Can I get them made via the doctor

  • I wear supportive shoes, tried orthotics and do my stretching already.
    Think I may try some laser with a physio.

  • Does anyone else suffer with this and if so how do you manage it. I’m on my feet a lot and really struggle with it in my right heel.