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Womens soccer rules and the men suck in these Olympics!

Forums General Banter Womens soccer rules and the men suck in these Olympics!

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      And the gold medal goes to.. WOMENS SOCCER (and in last place mens soccer)!
      I gotta say that these Olympics at least for me have proven just how great women’s soccer really is unlike with the mens.. With women’s soccer even though many of us complain about funding problems the game hasn’t been affected by and isnt just all about money and that is EXACTLY why it beats mens soccer because the girls are playing not for money but for the love of the glorious game. (Plus if you notice us women dont spend half the rolling on the floor pretending to be injured! )
      I don’t actually think I have seen the mens soccer even on tv at all these past 2 weeks because there just isn’t anything to show because most of the players in the mens teams have no desire, no fire in their belly’s and simply cannot be bothered because its not the world cup and their not being paid to play.

      Anyway what are your opinions on the womens soccer in these Olympics?

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      I agree the women’s soccer has been a lot more exciting! But that being said the mens game tonight Brazil vs Germany will be really exciting to watch.. will the Germans be super mean to Brazil yet again and thrash them? I think to many in Brazil this game will be the most important event in the entire Olympics… if they win it will make the game worth while for them but if Brazil looses yet again to Germany expect riots on the street of Brazil I know it sounds daft but I think that a loss will push Brazilians to the brink as a lot of Brazilians already think that the Olympics is just a big waste of money especially seeing as Brazil is going through a massive recession so if Brazil doesn’t really have anything to show for the game and all that money spent there will be a lot of anger that will bubble over!






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