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Tony Macorni Arena the worst name for a stadium ever?

Forums General Banter Tony Macorni Arena the worst name for a stadium ever?

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      It seems that Livingston football club are single handily destroying their football heritage selling out yet again in the name of cooperate advertisement. It has been announced that the their stadium will be renamed from the Energy Assets Arena to the Tony Macorni Arena after a pizza and pasta producing restaurant chain. Originally the stadium was named the Almondvale Stadium which many fans still refer to it as… however the fans opinions don’t really count at all in the cooperate world today only money counts even if that does mean selling out totally.
      I do worry when capitalism encroaches onto football like this and it makes me think when will all this end? If things carry on like this whereby every inch of football is taken over by advertisement we may end up with a game like American football a soulless advertisement tool designed used to promote stuff people don’t even need.
      Will we find that every stoppage of play we will bombarded by mini ad breaks like on American football? I can hardly watch American football… It is impossible to keep up with what is going on because it is so fragmented and stops and starts so many times because of all the ads.
      Thankfully our beloved game hasn’t came to that yet but the signs are there for instance players making sure to show off what shoes they are wearing to take a free kick or the more blatant cooperate vandalism where they just start renaming everything…. football will know it in trouble when the cooperates start to rewrite the rules of the game to fit in with their ads… The really worrying thing is the corrupt football top bosses at fifa would probably sell out everything if they could to make a quick buck.






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