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Irans womens team are men!!!!!

Forums Soccer news Irans womens team are men!!!!!

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      Iranian national team

      The Iranians womens team are men. No im not being mean they actually are! You just cannot make this up apparently according to reports up to eight players playing in the women’s Iranian national team are really men!
      This isn’t the first time Iran has had gender problems as last year It was outed that four players playing for Irans women’s team where either men who had not fully completed their sex change operations or had sexual development disorders.

      Questions are being raised about how exactly Iran has gotten away with playing men instead of women in there team… It is thought that all of this is not being noticed because Irans Women’s team play in full head scarfs as well as big baggy tracksuit pants.

      Despite filling the means team with men the Iranian side is only ranked 59th in Fifa world rankings which says a lot really.






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