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Germany beat Sweden 2-1 in Olympic final!

Forums Soccer news Germany beat Sweden 2-1 in Olympic final!

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      Germany beat Sweden 2-1 in Olympic final!

      Rio de Janeiro must be a lucky place for the Germans or something because the women’s side dethroned the US by beating Sweden 2-1 and becoming the the Olympic champions! Neither Germany or Sweden have ever reached an Olympic final before.

      In this game Sweden weren’t so overly defensive and actually took risks and was on the attack… 9 minutes in Sweden had their first chance from a sharp corner from Lotta Schelin but Olivia Schough couldn’t get it in the net.

      Swedens new proactive tactics did leave them wanting defensively and Germany were able to exploit these new holes in the Swedish defence with plenty of their own chance.

      Dzsenifer Marozsan then managed to captlize on one of the chances by finding space in the box and was able to then curl the ball into the back of the net with perfect style!

      A own goal then doubled Germanys lead as a Dzsenifer Marozsan took a free kick which deflected of the post to Swedish defender Linda Sembrant who accidentally hit the ball into her own net! WUPS INDEED!!

      67 minutes into the game Sweden managed to get plant the ball into the oppositions net this time and not their own as Stina Blackstenius assited by Kosovare Asllani managed to score!

      Sweden continued to fight and ripping up their defensive guidebooks that got them this far into the tournament but the Germany side managed to hang on and take the gold medal!

      Does this victory mark the start of the end of USA dominance in womens soccer and a start of something even better for the sport?

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      What a great final!
      It really is just Sweden’s luck to concede an own goal in the final when they have been playing so good defensively (even if extremely boring) through the whole tournament. Maybe they should have just stuck to boring defense and not take any risks at all ever next time.






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