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Perhaps football brings out the worst in a very, very small minority, but most people seem to be able to watch and enjoy it without doing any damage to anyone. Millions of people watched the match on Saturday (official BBC figures show almost 20 million viewers, but obviously that doesn’t account for those who had viewing parties or went to pubs/ big screens to watch it. The real figure is likely much higher), so to simply say “football brings out the worst in people” is a huge generalization and completely untrue. I hate the fact people are focusing on the actions of a few stupid individuals. I watched the match with a group of friends from work and there were four small children in the group. A good time was had by all and the worst damage done was a few crisps dropped on the floor!

As for fans of other sports – they are also capable of stupid behavior. Look at what happened when the New England Patriots won the super bowl last year! Different sport, different country…