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I enjoyed it too and have the same good feeling about our youth and lets not forget that until the senior age is reached, England have been the best team in the world recently. I wonder how well that will ultimately translate to the senior squads.

Sterling is confounding. He has great skill and is super fast and slippery but when wearing the three lions has not performed. I wonder if he can continue to bother the players with his running and make space for Kane to get close to the goal then this combo might work.

Perhaps its time to try Vardy. Another super fast runner and skillful operator, who is also deadly in front of the net. If Kane gets injured we will struggle without another good striker and so we need to see if Vardy or someone else can act as a credible deputy so that the other teams don’t think we are a one trick pony. I know Lingard and Stones scored yesterday but I don’t think they would have had the space that they did with a better opposition.