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I’m really looking forward to it. Not sure why, but I still find the World Cup much more special than any other football comp, regardless of the quality. Ancient memories of when it was the only time you got to see the world stars; Brazil and Italy in 1982, Denmark and Maradona in 86 etc.

I’m hoping for England to perform well and just create some good memories, a great goal or two, and get out of the group obviously. Think we have a 50:50 chance against Poland/Colombia and a 40:60 chance against Belgium. I don’t think we’ll be super exciting, but at least we have a bit of a plan. I like Southgate, but I do wish that he’d signed up a coaching genius just to help him for the next three months.

In my work prediction comp, I have ended up with a Brazil v Argentina final. It would be good if one of the finalists wasn’t one of the big five though.