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Best thing is to ask for an MRI before you go for any treatment. Sciatica is an umbrella term for a number of symptoms and unless they can tell you it’s definitely trapped, impinged or crushed it would be hard for any professional to recommend a course of action or treatment and anyone doing so is simply fobbing you off

I’ve had sciatica on and off for years. I’ve had a prolapsed disc and also impingement on the other side. Both sides have had different treatment which has worked. Myofascial release and posture re-alignment for one side and yoga for the other – as you can deduce, both involve posture/core work. Theres no denying imbalance in the body due to tightness/slackness in your fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscle etc will pull your straightness out of balance and this is easy to remedy…. however!! If your BONES are involved it’s very very difficult to treat and you might require an operation. Thankfully MRI showed that my prblems were superficial not structural.

So… please please please request an MRI.