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I’m a independent woman which is just how my OH likes it. I think generally that men who don’t like it are probably using the dependence as an ego trip. I could easily manage on my own, but that’s not to say I’d want to. I’m probably the more dominant in the relationship as I’m so much happier about making decisions. OH just prefers not to have to do that about small things and is happy for me to get on with it. He’s not somehow inferior to me because of it, he’s just very focused on his work and would rather not have added stress of day to day things. If it’s a big decision we’ll discuss it and he might have a different opinion than me, but not often.

I’m not financially independent though which I think is a different issue. He works hard, I do everything else and our finances are all joint. If he left me I’d be fine as I’d have the bank cleared out before he shut the door I don’t believe he even knows how to get into the online banking.