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Definitely get one’s with a drawstring – all mine slither down otherwise! Honestly, I don’t want to sound like a pain, but you do really need to try them on as some will make you look hideous, even if you’re a skinny minny , while others will be quite nice! (Top tip: check out what you look like from behind too and run up and down on the spot in the changing rooms to check for chafing :d ) I have some budget ones from TKMaxx that are nice, I have some expensive ones from Odlo that have lasted for six years so far so turned out really good value for money and I have compression ones from Salomon that were painfully expensive, but I think they do help with recovery. I don’t have any Nuovahealth leggings, but really like a lot of their other running stuff (love their skort – my fav running item) so might be worth a try.