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Is that the same as reactive arthritis? Infection in the joint (I think), swollen, hot and painful?
My OH had reactive arthritis in his knee years ago, he was on high dose ibuprofen and occasionally injections to draw fluid off the knee. It took months to clear up (sorry, I can’t remember how long, I have a feeling he wasn’t fully healed for a year).

In the end the thing that seemed to fix it was a visit to a kinesiologist who ‘prescribed’ some sort of iron tincture. I’d like to add, my OH is the most sceptical person there is, he only went to shut his dad up!
He was cautious with the knee for a while afterwards but is a very keen cyclist and is back to doing everything he did before and has been for years now. I think the only long term affect is that that knee is a bit more sensitive to him getting ill now, i.e. It gets a bit achy if he’s ill.

Hope that helps (if it is the same thing). Best wishes.

EDIT: Sorry, just done some reading and I think they are a bit different. Septic arthritis is infection in the joint, reactive arthritis is an auto-immune response causing arthritis in a joint following another infection in the body such as food poisoning.
Not sure if the treatment and outcomes are similar. My OH is a very active person and was very grumpy throughout due to not being able to do what he wanted. He’s back to normal now other than a slightly sensitive knee joint, happily cycling hundreds of miles per month.