Boston - Boston Breakers - April 6, 2014

Boston beat Harvard

Harvard are no match for the Breakers!

Boston Breakers are just seeming to be getting better and better as things start to close in till the start of the nwsl season. On Wednesday the breakers were up against Harvard and won 4-1 with four different goalscorers! Who scored then? well… Katie Schoepfer, Joanna Lohman, Mollie Pathman and Cat Whitehill all got a goal in the match!
#Tom drukin who coaches the Breakers said that he wanted to see what the younger rookie players could do in the first half of the game and then in the second half the more experienced players could come out and destroy Harvard.

It didn’t start out to good for the breakers at first as they made a few silly mistakes which in the end let in a goal as Jami Kranich who once was in the college academy team for the Breakers managed to bring the score to Harvard’s favor … It would take to the 45 th minute for the Breakers to even out the score board with Pathman’s fine goal played to her by wood. Pathman played the entire game and kept up good pace and really proved herself as a key player in the breakers team.

The second breakers goal was in the 47th minute of the match by Whitehill which was done through fast reactions on a loose ball in the penalty area.

Joanna Lohman grabbed her first preseason goal on Wednesday when it came to the 57th minute helped created by a cross in made by Pathman… then all most straight away on the 60th minute of the match the 4th and final goal was put in by Schoepfer putting the final nail int he coffin for Harvard.

Another win for a NWSL team is just showing how much talent is in this seasons teams and how much better the players are compared to college players… some may just call these games just a tiny bit unfair and pointless because we always know who is going to win.. the pros of course!

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