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Kansas city tie with Seattle Reign 1-1

Seattle reign had been dominating the nwsl this season…. Seattle was winning all the games they played until they finally tied 1-1 with Kansas city on Wednesday.
The game was played at Wireless Field in Kansas city where 2, 011 fans watched.

The game began and both teams looked equal as the ball was quickly swapping possession between the two teams. Just 6 minutes into the game the first chance was created as Rodriguez ran with th ball and made a shot only for Hope solo to block it from going in. Both goals of the game came just before the end of the first half…Kansas city was first to score thanks to a assist made by Liz Bogus to Amy Rodriguez but celebrations were short lived as only 3 minutes later Seattle reign leveled out the score board. Seattle reign put one in the back of the net from a penalty kick made by Kim little. The penalty was given as Nikki Phillips fouled one of the Seattle players. It was a close penalty kick as Barnhart picked the right side to dive and nearly hit it away.

In the second half of the game things were looking tight on both teams but neither could score again because the teams were so even matched.

Kansas city could have won this match if they did not give Seattle that penalty.. it is as simple as that.

Currently Seattle are top of the league and have 22 points from 8 wins and 1 tie so far whilst Kansas city is 4th in the league and have 12 points winning 3 of their games, losing 4 and 3 ties currently.

Kansas city will be facing Boston breakers in their next game on Sunday which will take place in Boston at 6:00 at the Harvard stadium. Later Kansas city will be playing at home against the New York Flash on June 4th.

Reign fc beat Sky blue 2-0 in the rain!

On Wednesdays game where Reign FC took on Sky blue it poured it down with rain but despite the rain 582 fans turned out to watch the match at the Yurcak Field in new jersey.
The heavy rain definitely effected the outcome of the game. The final score of the match ended at 2-0 to Reign FC. The two goals came from Kawasumi which was her first goal this season she also helped assist the other goal by Goebel too!

The first goal came 24 minutes into the match. Kelley O Hara passed the goal back to Sky blue goalkeeper Jillian Loyden to clear the ball up field but miscalculated things and ended up missing giving the opportunity for Kawasumi to score which she did.
Regin fc managed to block all attempts from Sky blue and made sure they had little opportunities to score.
In the second half Goebel received a assist from Kawasumi which she managed to simply tap in from six feet away from the goal.
There was another chance for Goebel to make it 3-0 eight minutes later from a pass made by Kim little, goebel attempted to chip it over the sky blue goalie but didnt quite manage it.

This win has shown that Reign FC can take on any situation defend and attack come rain or shine!

Currently the Seattle side are top of the league with 12 points from 4 wins and no losses!

Reign FC Preseason Roster

Reign FC who are based in Seattle have just let slip who are in their preseason roster. In their team you have got 5 players from Reigns last season team and a whole load of new players!

But the Reign is finished picking its team for this years NWSL season with a few spots still up for grabs.

Reign have already started training in Seattle and the international players that thye have picked will join up with the rest of the team on Monday 17 march.

SO who exactly have made the roster this year? there are plenty of players who are on trial in this roster who are trying to prove themselves in the coming days of training and exhibition matches.

Goalkeepers include…

Haley Kopmeyer
Jamie Arthurs

In midfield you have….

Danielle foxhoven
Keelin Winters
Mariah Nogueira
Nikki Stanton
Julia Roberts
Nicolette DiGiacomo
Tori Adame

Up in striking positions you will see the likes of…

Bev Goebel
esa McKibben
Lyndsey Patterson
Ellen Parker

In defense you will see mostly old Reign players…

Kendall Fletcher
Amanda Frisbie
Kiersten Dallstream
Lauren Barnes
Elli Reed
Kate Deines
Kendall Fletcher
Macy Jo Harrison
Jen LaPonte
Megan Brigman
Bree Rowe

This team is set to change and may look completely different come the next season of the nwsl.

Currently 4 players are missing from training as they participate in the Algarve cup and will join the team in training on 17th march.

Jess Fishlock will also join in with the team too on the 17th march following soccer games in wales

Reign will be playing a number of exhibition matches first against the University of Washington on 3rd April then they will test their skills against Seattle Pacific university two days later on the 5th of April.

Reign was meant to play against University of Portland however that match which would have been on march 29 has since been canceled because the Portland university team cold not make it at that date because of clashes with other games.

What do you think of the reign side? Good or bad? Like I said there are lots of players up on trial on this roster…

Reign FC signs new goalkeeper Haley Kopmeyer

Looks as though Reign FC have a new permanent goalkeeper, but you may have already seen this one play for Reign before… Reign FC (Seattle) has just announced that they have done a deal with goalkeeper Haley Kopmeyer to be part of the team at the start of the next season of the NWSL. Kopmeyer has been a backup for the team last season, helping standing in for Hope solo who sustained a wrist injury in the last stages of the 1013 season. This deal will mean Kopmeyer will hopefully be used more. Kopmeyer has already played a few games for the Seattle side but hopefully this deal will help cement their place in the team and less watching from the sidelines. The manager for the Reign says that they see huge potential with Hayley and with daily training she should be able to get to the top! Hayley added that she is really happy, she cannot wait to start the next season and has been training non stop to reach the top and prove herself. It is definitely a step in the right direction for Kopmeyer as she must have impressed the managers so much in the last season to get this opportunity.