Mini health soccer guide

In this guide I will be telling you exactly how you can get healthy for the next soccer season! Firstly it goes without saying that if you smoke you got to stop and IMMEDIATELY! This also goes for alcohol and drugs too all harmful substances can really impact your health in so many ways. Smoking clogs up your arteries with also sorts of bad chemicals and tar sticking to your organs and causing cell mutations which can cause cancer…. Being fit and with good cardio health is something that makes a good soccer player as you can have all the […]

How to do more kick ups (keepy uppys)

Kick ups are a great party trick! One way to improve your coordination and footie skills is through practicing kick ups and not only that you can really impress your friends with sometimes more than actually playing good in a game (I think the number of kick ups you can do is more scalable and less subjective than playing in football game). With better control over the ball it should be that the more kick ups you do the more skillful with ball you will be… well that what the plan is anyway. Keeping the ball off the ground for […]

Non boring exercises

Sometimes you just gotta have fun! Don’t be a bore and do the same old boring exercises! There so many different ways to keep healthy which you can also do with your friends as well for example…. Obviously it goes without saying soccer is the best of all non boring things to keep healthy and fit but what are the others you can try? I am always getting bored in the gym and quickly loose focus and concentration all the time. Swimming! Swimming is probably one of the best and funnest exercises… it is said to be one of the […]

Jog on!

Even though it takes a lot more than just being quick to be a good soccer player as you need vision and skill to be the best, being quick on your feet is important and helps you get on your way to being the best! I dont know a great deal about running but I do know some stuff…the most important stuff! I have been a runner for quite sometime now, going out on jogs each and every morning (even when it is snowing) as running does wonders for my soccer keeps me nimble on my feet, faster and helps […]

Torn my acl.. now what!?

Well I never thought It would happen to me… thought that was pretty naive as a torn acl even happens to the very best soccer players take Sky blue player Hayley Haagsma… No doubt it is my own fault that I have ended up with a torn acl (which is basically the anterior cruciate ligament if you dont know about all of this try here… ), So I was playing football (I prefer to call it by what it is football and not soccer, why should American football get to nick the name after all football has been around […]

What I know about preventing injury

Some people may read this and think that I am some sort of hypochondriac… I swear I’m not…honest! I’m going to be telling you just about everything I know and what I do to avoid those nasty injuries….. Being healthy, keeping healthy and being the best of the best is what it is all about and keeps me motivated! Having fun I guess you could say is a byproduct of playing soccer for me! I dont like to brag but I am a really good soccer player, I do have plenty of skill but I gotta say it is mostly […]

Insoles! what you need to know!

A lot of soccer players if only they bought some cheap insoles could have avoided injury! Don’t make the same mistake they did! Being a soccer player we must look after our feet as you only get one pair and they are so.. so important to us as without them how the heck are we going to be able to kick the ball?! Even if your are not a soccer player and dont really do much in the way of sports you still have to look after your feet because if you dont you may find yourself in immense pain […]

how to protect your feet

A soccer players feet are the most important things in the world to them. That why they need to protect them. Soccer may not look it but it is a very dangerous sport for our feet! I have been playing soccer for many years now…. and in that time I have sustained many many injuries which could have easily been avoided if I was wearing the right footwear and insoles…. I have came to realize that insoles are the most important piece of equipment in soccer…. (yes you need a ball to play but I am talking about protection). Soccer […]

Plantar fasciitis

A guide on what you need to know about Plantar fasciits from symptoms to ways to treat and prevent it. I have written this small guide because I thought it would be very helpful to us soccer players as plantar fasciitis is a very common injury that affects quite a lot of soccer players.. it is a foot injury after all and we do use our feet a lot! In soccer our feet are really important.. after all its them that we use to actually kick a ball with so looking after our feet is really important.. Plantar fasciitis is […]

what insoles to buy?

So what are the best insoles to buy? Should you go for a pair of branded ones that everybody is talking about or should you go and buy some top of the range custom insoles that can cost hundreds of dollars? With so much differences in opinions online and with so much snake oil lingering around on the internet it can make things really difficult to know what to buy. The truth is.. is that scholl insoles are really aren’t that good nor are superfeet insoles either both are just expensive “brands” where you only pay extra for the label […]