New york flash new goalkeeper Lydia Williams

We all thought it was over for the New york flash before the next NWSL even begun as their brilliant goalkeeper Adrianna Franch sustained a knee injury that would see her out all season and maybe even for good… but we were wrong as team quickly grab a replacement and put New york flash back into the competition!

Western New york flash got a new goalie and a good one as they sign Australia’s national team’s main goalie Lydia Williams. This is great news for the New york flash squad as it means that not all is lost when they recently lost their main goalie Adrianna Franch thanks to a ACL knee injury (which you can read about here……) in the first week on training. With the NWSL season so close the new york flash team have really got lucky here as the doors and opportunities for new signings close in as the season gets closer.

They are expecting Lydia to start play with the team as soon as possible.

Lydia Williams is not stranger to playing in pro leagues in America she once played for the Red stars in the WPS way back in 2009. She is a really good goalkeeper playing across the world, she has been in the Australian national team since 2005 which is quite a long time which proves how much the Australians dont want to let her go.

It is a good signing for the NY Flash lets just hope they dont injure this one!

Could Lydia replace Adrianna Franch permanently? That yet to be seen!

The full contract of the new signing has not been fully disclosed.

Sky Blue Defender Hayley Haagsma out because of ACL knee injury!

Not another one! This is the second reporting of a player suffering from a ACL knee injury (it is when you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee this is quite common in soccer and sports and is usually the cause of over stretching of the ligament when it is tight therefore stretching and warm up exercises before matches are really important) that we have had in a bout a week.. whats going on? The NWSL hasn’t even begun yet…. aren’t the coaches warming up the players properly before they go onto the play? This time its Skyblue defender Hayley Haagsma and just like Adrianne Franch who injured herself in the first couple days of training (Adrianne Franch will need knee surgery but it is not known whether Hayley will need knee surgery as well) she will be out for the entire national womens soccer league season.

The knee injury happened when Sky blue faced St johns uni team in exhibition match…

Head coach for the Sky blue team has came out and said that it really is a shame especially when Hayley put so much “work” into training and was looking “very impressive” in training.

Hopefully next year Hayley Haagsma will be back with Sky blue, however it has got to be said that ACL injuries can sometimes be so severe that it can wreck a players whole career, even if Hayley does manage to recover she will need lots of physio and special training to get here back to where she once was but some players are never the same players again. Hopefully thought this wont be the case with Hayley and in 2015 she will be back!

With Adrianne Franch western new york flash managed to quickly find a replacement in Australian national goalie Lydia Williams (read more on this story here: ), So who will replace Hayley Haagsma for sky blue though? What are your thoughts?

Western New York flash lose their goalkeeper because of anterior cruciate ligament injury

It is so close to the start of the NWSL 2014 Season which is set to kick off on in April but we wont be seeing Adrianna Franch on the field for the next 2014 NWSL season because of what happened in training!

Goalkeeper for the Western New York flash Adrianna Franch wont be playing in the next national women’s soccer league down to tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee, it is a very common injury which if serious enough can wreck a players career thankfully ADRIANNA FRANCH should make a full recovery after surgery. So close to the next season Franch sustained the knee injury whilst in preseason training.

This will be a real blow to the western new york team because Franch who was a runner up for National Women’s Soccer League goalkeeper of the year award and also rookie of the year award last year really added to the teams defense!
Last season thanks to Franch the western new york flash managed to be the best defensive team in the league with only 20 goals being scored against them. so it is no wonder that the western new york team are quite devastated by the early loss of one of their best goalkeepers who showed off their talent for the team last season the Western new york flash side was probably hoping to use her talented goalkeeping a lot this season as well but it wasn’t to be.

Franch is upset about not being able to play but is determined to play next year and is behind the team all the way even if she will be watching from the sidelines.

It really is a shame as this will put a real dent in the team and will this cause the Western New York flash to have a bad season even before the seasons even gets to kick off? Post your comments below about your opinions or even just support for Adrianna Franch.

Sky blue FC beat St john 1-0

Sky blue FC luckily scored in the first 2 minutes and so manages to beat ST. john in a close game last Saturday but if they didn’t it might have been a nil-nil draw.
The game was being held in the Belson Stadium as part of a preseason exhibition match to warm up the Sky blue FC for the next season of the NWSL that kicks off in April…
The game began with a very quick goal which would prove the only goal in the second minute of play by Kendall Johnson from a free kick from the 18 yard box but that would be the only goal fans would be seeing as St John would not let their guard down another time in this match as the score hanged at 1-0 for the rest of the game.

Sky blue will have yet another exhibition match on the 23rd of march (which will be a Sunday) against the Penns state team held at the Livingston Newark academy.
You would have thought that the early goal would have carried Sky blue through the match with a greater momentum but this didn’t happen unfortunately Sky blue couldn’t beat through the ST john defense.

It was a good close game one that could have easily gone the other way… if at the start it was st john who scored in the second minute but it wasn’t… At the end of the day it was very slow as both teams had a good defense which would not budge…. note for Sky blue for the NWSL season more attacking and creating more chances is needed in my opinion!

It really doesn’t look good for Sky blue if they struggle against a small time team such as ST john, how will they cope against the bigger teams in the NWSL?

Western New York flash 2014 25 PLAYER ROSTER

The team cannot have all 29 previously selected players in their roster according to NWSL so Western New york flash just has 25 picked players now!

WNY has reduced its preseason roster from 29 to 25 in accordance to national women soccer league rules.

One of the players out of the previous roster is Adrianna Franch dont worry the wny flash coaches haven’t gone barking mad as in training she has suffered from a ACL knee injury and cannot play this season and is awaiting surgery this has however unfortunate has given wny a free place to work with. Even though her injury has helped free up some room on the team this will certainly prove a huge blow to the flash team what ever way you look at it though.

Lots of players are heading over to buffalo to start training this week such as Emma Kete!

A second and very important warm up game for the flash team will be played against west Virginia university on Saturday is going ahead and will show just how ready the side is and how much of a impact the loss of Adrianna Franch has made on the team.

the roster at the moment looks like this:

In defense you have…

Amy Barczuk
Kristen Edmonds
Ally Lee*
Haley Palmer*
Casey Ramirez*
Katherine Reynold
Annie Steinlage
Brittany Taylor

In midfield you will see…

Nicholette DiGiacomo*
Selenia Iacchelli
Carli Lloyd
Vicky Losada
Kristen Meier*
Yoreli Rincon*
Jordon Roseboro*
Angela Salem
McCall Zerboni

those to take up striker positions the WNY have picked…

Samantha Kerr
Emma Kete
Adriana Martin
Jasmyne Spencer
Courtney Verloo
Abby Wambach

and these are the two surviving goalkeepers

Kelsey Wys
Arianna Criscione*

*=on trial at the moment.

You can follow the team through training over on there twitter account too if you are interested over on @wnyflash

What do you reckon about this team? Do you think Adrianna Franch can be replaced by Kelsey Wys or Arianna Criscione?

The Red star’s announces preseason 25 player roster

The Chicago red star’s have just announced its 25 player preseason roster and if you are wondering who is in it scroll down and you’ll find the fully roster below.

But first because of how the NWSL works teams are only allowed 25 player roster’s so coaches really do have to pick right and have no room for “chances”.

We can see that there are quite a few changes and new players on board from the last team pickings: which was announced earlier this month!

At the moment it is the second week of training for the players, however since the red stars started playing not all players have been their with the rest of the team…until yesterday that is.

In the team you will be seeing three Canadian players Adriana Leon, Rachel Quon and Karina LeBlan who arrived in Chicago yesterday and should shake things up a bit.

The red stars are currently getting ready for a warm up friendly (if you can call it a friendly) game versus Kansas city on Saturday which should be a good first indication about how well the team will be this season.

Well anyway enough chat here is the preseason roster this year:

Strikers on the roster are

Hayley Brock
Jennifer Hoy
Annie Worden
Micaela Castain

Midfield looks like this:
Julie Johnston
Adriana Leon
Zakiya Bywaters
Lori Chalupny
Vanessa DiBernardo
Niki Read
Alyssa Mautz
Julianne Sitch
Kelly McCloskey

In defense

Taryn Hemmings
Jessy Battelli
Heather Cooke
ackie Santacaterina
Michelle Wenino
Rachel Quon
Torri Allen
Samantha Johnson
Amy LePeilbet
Kecia Morway

In goal we have 3 players (obviously they wont go in goal all at once) good to see the Chicago red stars haven’t lost any of their goalies like the western new york flash lost their star goalie the other day.

Taylor Vancil
Karina LeBlanc
Clara Kridler

All the team is in Chicago except Christenpress who is set to join the red stars mid season in June as she is currently competing in the Swedish league also Melissa Tancredi will also join in with the team in June as well as she finishes off chiropractic school.
What do you you think about this roster then guys? I think tis a good choice of some really good players, with a few new players and rookies in this team it will be interesting to see what they have to deliver!

EDIT: Silly me, put 24 instead of 25 in the title… dont want to be disadvantaging Chicago now do we?

Reign FC Preseason Roster

Reign FC who are based in Seattle have just let slip who are in their preseason roster. In their team you have got 5 players from Reigns last season team and a whole load of new players!

But the Reign is finished picking its team for this years NWSL season with a few spots still up for grabs.

Reign have already started training in Seattle and the international players that thye have picked will join up with the rest of the team on Monday 17 march.

SO who exactly have made the roster this year? there are plenty of players who are on trial in this roster who are trying to prove themselves in the coming days of training and exhibition matches.

Goalkeepers include…

Haley Kopmeyer
Jamie Arthurs

In midfield you have….

Danielle foxhoven
Keelin Winters
Mariah Nogueira
Nikki Stanton
Julia Roberts
Nicolette DiGiacomo
Tori Adame

Up in striking positions you will see the likes of…

Bev Goebel
esa McKibben
Lyndsey Patterson
Ellen Parker

In defense you will see mostly old Reign players…

Kendall Fletcher
Amanda Frisbie
Kiersten Dallstream
Lauren Barnes
Elli Reed
Kate Deines
Kendall Fletcher
Macy Jo Harrison
Jen LaPonte
Megan Brigman
Bree Rowe

This team is set to change and may look completely different come the next season of the nwsl.

Currently 4 players are missing from training as they participate in the Algarve cup and will join the team in training on 17th march.

Jess Fishlock will also join in with the team too on the 17th march following soccer games in wales

Reign will be playing a number of exhibition matches first against the University of Washington on 3rd April then they will test their skills against Seattle Pacific university two days later on the 5th of April.

Reign was meant to play against University of Portland however that match which would have been on march 29 has since been canceled because the Portland university team cold not make it at that date because of clashes with other games.

What do you think of the reign side? Good or bad? Like I said there are lots of players up on trial on this roster…

Boston Breakers new striker Lisa De Vanna

Boston Breakers have a new player that they have traded with Sky Blue fc in return for a 2014 international roster spot and also first pickings in the 2015 College draft in the NWSL it has been announced.

Lee Billiard who is the General manager for the Boston Breakers reckons it was a good trade and is very excited as he reckons that Lisa will bring a lot to the table and hopefully with score lots of goals for the team.. that’s what it is all about really!

With lots of talent Lisa De Vanna has really took to the spotlight and proved how good she is as a striker for the Sky Blue fc last season by scoring five goals and plenty of assists in the 16 games she played in for the New Jersey team.

She is a very busy player… she has been playing for Melbourne in Australian league Westfield W-League and has managed to really help that team out and win the grand final for the team by scoring winning goal of a 2-0 final against Brisbane in the 39th minute of the match. She also helped Melbourne get to the final as she collected goal after gaol in the competition 8 in total over 14 games!

De vanna has played in different leagues and teams across the United states, such as playing 3 years in the WPS and in only three season she managed to get 12 goals in the bag… playing for the Washington freedoms and magicjack sides….so she know us women’s soccer alright!

She has even been to Sweden to play for Linköpings FC were she played 22 games and managed to score 7 goals in them which is quite impressive.

De vanna also plays for the Australian international team and has a whopping 75 caps for them since she joined the team back in 2004 and has netted up to 32 goals for the Australian team.
In 2007 she was also up for nomination for the FIFA world player of the year so it goes without saying that Boston breakers really have got themselves a good players and a bargain.. what where Sky Blue fc thinking letting this talented player go especially to one of their main rivals?

WPSL 17 new teams to compete this season

WPSL formed in 1998 its is one of the longest running and is one of the biggest soccer leagues set up for womens in america and is always expanding and growing this year 17 teams are to compete in the WPSL (Womens premier soccer league, yes I know all the different letters and all the different leagues can get very confusing) 2014 season which is getting set to kick start this summer.

It got to be said that 17 new teams is big very big!

So who has joined the WPSL?

Boston Breakers, Some may find it a shame that Boston Breakers are only sending out there reserve team… Even though the Boston breakers may only be sending out a reserve team to play in the womens premier soccer league as the main team focuses on the upcoming NWSL season but I guess it is a start.
But Boston Breakers presence in the WPSL will no doubt be felt and helps to develop and create more for the team and its future.. basically the Boston breakers wont be putting all their eggs in one basket as we know in womens soccer we see many leagues go under like the WPS. .
Liverpool Dallas.. part of the Liverpool FC america Brand. Liverpool FC America formed in 2006, set up as a partner to Liverpool fc all the way in England can this brand take on the wpsl next season?
Bay Area FC created when four youth soccer teams merged this is a exciting step for the Bay area womens soccer scene. This bay areas brand will be seen competing in both mens and womens premier soccer leagues.
Rhode Island Reds FC, this side will be coached this season by Alex Rozkov who knows and has worked as a assistant manger fro two whole years with the side. With a strong coach and a even stronger team and spirit the reds are definitely a team to watch.
Treasure Coast Dynamite, not much info on this team.. a dark horse maybe?
Motor City FC Detriot, has some of the best mens soccer teams so it is about time that Detroit has a good womens soccer team right?
Primero de Mayo.. COULD BE A GOOD TEAM!
Minnesota TwinStars, you might have seen their sister team play in the NPSL. reckoned to be a very strong contender from Minnesota
Legends FC, you can find this team in southern California, this team will probabaly consits of mostly college players, but good non the less.
Florida Rush, lets hope their soccer skills are as cool as their name.
Florida Kraze Krush, another florida team… whos the united and whos the city between Florida rush and Kraze Krush then?
FC Indiana, this team didn’t play in the league last season but they are champions as they have already took the wpsl national championship titles in 2005 and 2007.. although this was a few years ago now be sure to watch out for FC Indiana as I am sure they will be wanting to prove themselves again.
FC Pride, will be joining WPSL this summer and as the new team on the block they will surely want to make a impact. Based in Indianapolis are said to be really proud of getting in the WPSL and they hope being in the WPSL will help motivate and encourage growth of womens soccer in their youth teams.
Del Rey City, has already a strong presence in Los anagelas playing in many smaller leagues now tis their time to hit the big time!
Columbus Eagles, It was inevitable that a Columbus would find its way into the wpsl with so much womens soccer going on their hopefully this side wont disappoint Columbus.
Cincinnati Lady Saints, this team has been succesffull before in the WLS… can they go one further in the WPSL or not?
Chattanooga FC have done well in the NPSL south conference and are constanly devloping. Finley stadium is where they have made their home.

Who are you supporting in the WPSL this season.. or are you a little annoyed that your city or even state doesn’t have a team yet?

RVA FC and Chesterfield United Join WPSL

The womens premier soccer league have just announced two new teams to be hitting the field in 2015.

The two expansion teams named Chesterfield United and RVA fc will be in the 2015 WPSL season, these two side have already been involved in the NPSL back in 2013.

Chesterfield United also is involved in lots of youth programs so you will be sure to see chesterfield be the gateway for many young aspiring players break into pro soccer.

This is always good news and will help to expand the league even further.

The women’s Premier league will now have even more teams in the league which is always a good thing.

Grover Gibson Soccer Foundation are behind RVA FC which is based in Richmond, Virginia and is a new club founded in 2013 but that doesn’t mean the team are rookies and run by people who dont know what they are doing as the RVA FC men’s team currently are the champions in the NPSL. RVA FC are already trying to get their team ready and may play some warm up friendly games this year in prep for the 2015 season.

Chesterfield United on the other hand have been around since the 1980’s with and in that time they have been called a lot of things, the teams original name being Dale Youth Soccer they later adopted the name Chesterfield Soccer club in 1995… then they merged with James River United… then with a final tweak to their name from soccer to “football” in 2008 they are currently Chesterfield united football club and have played in various leagues.

Any expansion of any womens soccer league is good news as it helps spread womens soccer across America and gives more role models for girls to follow.

(Try not to get chesterfield united mixed up with the UK mens team)

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