Official nwsl 2014 roster

We have been posting about all the preseason rosters and seeing the development of the teams but now all the teams have just announced their official and unchanging rosters for the 2014 nwsl season!

Finally on Saturday all of the exhibition games and preseason stuff will be over and we will be into the real action of the 2014 season!
The first games we will be seeing will be;

Portland Thorns who were last years champions will be taking on Houston Dash in the first game of the season on Saturday.

Then on Sunday we will be seeing Washington Spirit battle it out against the western new york flash, also the Boston Breakers will be facing off with Seattle Reign as well on Sunday.

If you are struggling to find the games on tv then the nwsl are streaming all the games in full on YouTube for free!

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Spirit sign two new players but who are they?

Washington Spirit gain two new players to hopefully boost their chances next season… will they? and who exactly are these two new signings?

Jordan Angeli and Biancsa Sierra

Both new signings aren’t rookies at all but very experienced players.

Washington spirit seem to be a little quit so far in the run up to the start of the nwsl…. with little mention of new signings and or exhibition games (well maybe its just me not following them as closely as the other teams), but Washington spirit have broke the silence with two new signings that will put them back in the limelight and back in the competition. Jordan Angeli and Biancsa Sierra have both been OFFICIALLY signed by the DC team. But like always the exact terms and conditions of both the new contracts have not been shared to the public because of nwsl policy.. BOO!

Angeli who is 27 has loads of experience playing in the women’s pro soccer league in 2010 with the good old Boston Breakers where she notched up just under 1, 600 minutes of play and 17 goals for the team in one season but before that Angeli also playing for the Colorado Rush helping secure the team in the national championships being part of the team four whole years from 2001 to 2005.

Washington spirit tried to get her last year for the team but she was suffering from a knee injury and so could compete but it looks as though this year is going to be different.

Sierra who is 21 has tons of experience and has been a brick in the defense of the Mexican national team since 2009.

Sierra has less experience in US women’s soccer as Angeli bt both players will surely bring something new to the field with different experiences and talent.

Torn my acl.. now what!?

Well I never thought It would happen to me… thought that was pretty naive as a torn acl even happens to the very best soccer players take Sky blue player Hayley Haagsma…
No doubt it is my own fault that I have ended up with a torn acl (which is basically the anterior cruciate ligament if you dont know about all of this try here… ), So I was playing football (I prefer to call it by what it is football and not soccer, why should American football get to nick the name after all football has been around a lot longer than American football ya know! but I guess all that been said before by my mate in soccer vs American football: (I am gonna try not to use brackets again for the rest of this blog post I swear!)), anyway where was I? Oh yes I was playing football, didn’t warm up just jumped straight into the game. Like I always do and everything was going great I managed to score a couple goals. It wasn’t a serious match only against a couple of my friends but half way into the game my leg just went and I ended up with this stringy pain in my knee, I really couldn’t do much but roll around on the floor in pain….My friends picked me up and I hopped off the embarrassing! I later found out from this physio guy that I had torn the anterior ligament in my knee, moments before I did I remember suddenly trying to kick the ball something as simple as this must have stretched my anterior cruciate ligament just that little too far.. What I should have really have done was to warm up before the game but me being me just thought warming up was a waste of time as I never had any problems like this before and I wish I wasn’t so naive. The physio iv seen has recommended that I dont play football again for quite a while to let my knee heal up and teo help with everything that I need to wear a knee support and even when I am actually in the clear to run and play soccer again I should be thinking of wearing them all the time now. Iv been since been looking into knee supports and what different ones you can get and what they do. What I have found is that the best knee supports for sport have to be orthotic ones that limit bad movement and encourage the right movement… there are loads of knee supports that dont actually support your knees as they pointlessly strap on your knee and dont do anything… you got to find some that give you knee the right compression to the effected parts of your knee, circulate blood flow. Compression is supposed to stabilize you knee so when you run the shocks created do not damage your knee as the shocks travel up from you knee and attack you ligaments which can cause degeneration of the ligaments and weakens them… you can get knee tendonitis from this if your not careful and overuse your knees a lot in sports! Good blood flow is a must.. having the knee supports on too tight or to loose is not good at all as it can either restrict blood flow making the ligaments more likely to get pulled or worse cause dvt, too loose and the knee support does not give any compression or proper support.I was a bit unsure what knee support to get exactly as I have seen a few, a few that are way too expensive and some that look as though they wont help me at all…… but after quite a lot of research and asking a number of my friends who have also got torn acl’s like me (it really is so common like you wouldn’t believe in football)…… I ended up settling with.. drum roll please…. Im still not fully recovered and havnt yet tried this knee support for playing sports in but since wearing it the support has really helped and made a huge noticeable difference and I no longer have a constant stringy pain in my knee when I bend my knee anymore!

Boston beat Harvard

Harvard are no match for the Breakers!

Boston Breakers are just seeming to be getting better and better as things start to close in till the start of the nwsl season. On Wednesday the breakers were up against Harvard and won 4-1 with four different goalscorers! Who scored then? well… Katie Schoepfer, Joanna Lohman, Mollie Pathman and Cat Whitehill all got a goal in the match!
#Tom drukin who coaches the Breakers said that he wanted to see what the younger rookie players could do in the first half of the game and then in the second half the more experienced players could come out and destroy Harvard.

It didn’t start out to good for the breakers at first as they made a few silly mistakes which in the end let in a goal as Jami Kranich who once was in the college academy team for the Breakers managed to bring the score to Harvard’s favor … It would take to the 45 th minute for the Breakers to even out the score board with Pathman’s fine goal played to her by wood. Pathman played the entire game and kept up good pace and really proved herself as a key player in the breakers team.

The second breakers goal was in the 47th minute of the match by Whitehill which was done through fast reactions on a loose ball in the penalty area.

Joanna Lohman grabbed her first preseason goal on Wednesday when it came to the 57th minute helped created by a cross in made by Pathman… then all most straight away on the 60th minute of the match the 4th and final goal was put in by Schoepfer putting the final nail int he coffin for Harvard.

Another win for a NWSL team is just showing how much talent is in this seasons teams and how much better the players are compared to college players… some may just call these games just a tiny bit unfair and pointless because we always know who is going to win.. the pros of course!

Nkem Ezurike Joins Breakers!

Its always good to see new fresh players get started in pro womens soccer… the more the merrier whatever side I say!

Lets welcome Nkem Ezurike to the Boston Breakers, I have not seen them personally play before but you cant really argue with what they have achieved in college soccer anyway!

Boston Breaker have another forward on their hands in the form of Canadian Nkem Ezurike for the upcoming season of NWSL.
And it looks like Boston will be hoping to use her as she was their first draft pick from the college draft.
Picked because of good she is having noted up at University of Michigan’s womens soccer team a total of 49 goals she has played in the semi finals of the MAC Herman cup she is going to be taking her first leap into pro womens soccer very soon as she joins the Boston Breakers.. the first game the Bsoton Breakers will be playing against twill be Seattle Reign on April 13th!

I presume that we are all looking forward to seeing exactly what Ezurike will bring to the table!

It is currently unsure when exactly she will be joining the team, if at the start of the season or later on because of visa and other things needing to be sorted out…..but I guess that Is just a formality.

What I know about preventing injury

Some people may read this and think that I am some sort of hypochondriac… I swear I’m not…honest!

I’m going to be telling you just about everything I know and what I do to avoid those nasty injuries…..

Being healthy, keeping healthy and being the best of the best is what it is all about and keeps me motivated! Having fun I guess you could say is a byproduct of playing soccer for me! I dont like to brag but I am a really good soccer player, I do have plenty of skill but I gotta say it is mostly down to my dedication to be the best I can be. For starters I always make sure that I warm up fully before a soccer game making sure I am also hydrated to keep my muscles subtle. I would hate to get a injury especially when I put so much work into my soccer….So I make sure I do stretches but even on off days when I am not playing soccer I do yoga..all the pros do this to keep flexible and keep injuries away. But Injuries do affect even the best of pro’s, things like a torn acl can catch even the best off guard.. a sudden wrong movement can all it takes! Sometimes there is nothing you can do.. especially if someone is coming straight at you in a bad tackle… at least you can wear things to help protect you when this does happen to minimize damage like wearing protective shin guards so the next time some moron does come sliding in with a tackle.. studs showing going right for your shins at least it wont crunch your shin bone.. much! When running you can damage your ligaments in your feet as well.. just something as simple and something as seemingly harmless as running can cause problem, take it from me that the small shocks running can have on your feet can really take their toll and cause degeneration of the tissues in your feet.. particularly the plantar fascia! You may have already heard of Plantar fasciiits many soccer guys and gals end up with it if they dont do foot care! A tightness of the plantar fascia for what ever reason.. not stretching it before a soccer game or you have over pronation or under pronation can become inflamed through overuse when running in soccer, insoles stop this by absorbing shock also weight pressing down on the plantar fascia can inflame it so make sure your feet aren’t alone and have help through arch supports too. Remeber dont just settle for some rubbish ones, go get some good ones because it really does matter what you wear as some inserts just dont help. If your thinking about custom ones then dont as they are a waste of money and research has proved that their is no extra benefit from wearing them and in fact too much arch support they give and not giving your feet space for themselves and to support themselves can be bad for your feet as it will cause them to weaken.

I have actually lost count of the number of times I have heard soccer players fall foul of a torn ACL. Sudden movements, stress and tension can tear the anterior cruciate ligament this can be even more common as you get older making sure your muscles and ligaments are fully stretched as to not get any surprises half way through a match. An ACL injury can keep player out all season and in some cases surgery maybe needed so it is best to avoid getting it!

Runners knee is something for you and your knees to worry about as well, it may not be as serious as a torn ACL but can cause aches and pains in the knee, it is brought on as your ligaments in your knee become weakened which maybe because you are getting older or your overusing your knee or stress and tension int he knee which can be brought on by your running technique and or over pronation whilst you run. Knee supports help both those suffering torn acl’s and people with runners knee the way they work with the orthotic support and compression can ease pain and make your knee more flexible. It also works with the design and functionality of your knee only letting you move your knee correctly!
With runner knee if it was brought on by over pronation of the feet then correcting it may solve your runners knee, arch support insoles are designed to do this.

Blisters, we all get them and they are not nice. Shoes being simply to big can be the causes which makes your feet rub against your shoes this then causes your skin layers to simply separate as they do liquid will fill the gap between the layers and a blister forms.. stopping the rubbing often helps you can do this by buying some heel grips or by buy some better fitting shoes.

Well what other things do us soccer players have to put up with…? How do you end up getting shin splints? Well shocks whilst your run will travel up into the shins this can cause dull aches in your shins, combating this is quite simple wear something.. either shoes or insoles that absorb this shock will help prevent this!

Well dont let an injury get in your way on play soccer that’s what I say anyway! Good luck!

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We are now giving all WPS users a new feature… user blogs. Now you can have your very own soccer blog. We have not deiced to totally scrapped the old article way of posting to wps, you can still use the old format for the time being if you are not wanting your post to show up in your blog and just want to post some soccer news…but we hope everyone will love the new way wps will work. One of the whole points of this new feature or experiment is to make it much easier for other users to see what else you got to say and have posted about before. You will still be able to tag your posts to the right places but you blog posts will not only be promoted to the front page… and the tag pages but also all the blog posts you right will also show up on your own user blog! Adding posts to your blog is quite simple and very similar to how the old method worked so you have nothing really to worry about on that front. So we hope you like this cool new feature and good luck with your new blogs!

Remember that if you post something interesting and become a valued member here at wps you will be promoted to “blogger” role and thus unlock new posting abilities for example your posts will no longer be moderated before posting.
It really is up to you how you want to post…article or blog post? You decide!

SKY BLUE FC cannot score against Penn state!

Sky blue have been facing off against Penn stat uni in a exhibition game that ended in nil-nil draw as neither team could break down the others sides defense and score in Livingston new jersey.

Sky blue and Penn state looked equal as they played in the wet and cold conditions near the end of the game either side had the chance to score but neither could.

Sky Blue will hope to grab a win in their next exhibition match against North Carolina university womens soccer team on march 29th. Do you think that Sky blue are ready for the big players in the NWSL… with the season so close I dont think so, If sky blue are struggling with their exhibition games something needs to happen else it might be safe to say sky blue maybe finishing last in the upcoming season if they continue like they are doing… or maybe they are just not pulling out all the stops at the moment for these exhibition games and they still have something ups their sleeves after all if they push themselves too much before the actual start of the season they may injure their players just like what happened with western new york flash’s goalkeeper Adrianna Franch.

Though maybe I am expecting to much and really their is just a fine line between pro soccer and university soccer players after all a lot of rookies fresh from uni are joining up in the nwsl all the time…..I might be watching too much of the mens champions league football where things are a lot different.

Red stars against Kansas city 1-1

You could say when two teams battle it out so close to the start of the season the season has already unofficially begun! At the very least it is a very good indicator of what is to come when the season does kick off, and it looks as though its is a level playing field well it is with Kansas city and red stars anyway! The two teams played a exhibition match with the final score being 1-1.

No goals were scored in the first half and it looked by the looks of things fans thought that neither side would be able to break the other but in the second half things really did get shaken up as 51 minutes into the game who is to score? but only Alyssa Mautz! after receiving the ball from the left side from Adriana Leon she managed to whip it passed the Kansas city goalkeeper putting the Red stars into the lead and making Kansas city and you would have thought that this would have made Kansas city very nervous… but they held it together.

When it looked like it was going the red star’s way in the 83rd minute of the game Kansas city grabbed the equalizer as Melissa Henderson after some confusing trickery and skill from her team mates Maegan Kelly and Jen Buczkowski managed to pass it into the net as they broke down the red stars defense.

It even looked like Kansas city may have even been able to score another as they put immense pressure on the red star defense but time just wasn’t on their side and the game ended 1-1.

Great stuff, lets hope that this sort of play and close matches will continue when the nwsl starts!

But a lot of side we are seeing are not getting the goals in take for example sky blue vs Penn state which was a nil nil draw… but at least Washington Spirit have something to celebrate and be positive about as they get ready to start the next season of the NWSL as they beat North Carolina university in their exhibition match which ended 2-0.

If i was coach I would probably not play exhibition matches with good teams so close to the start of the season (especially if the team is new to the season as well) only bad ones to give the team a boost in confidence so when the team is going into the season they have the attitude of being unbeatable… because it may be a bit deflating otherwise to know your place even before the season starts?

Insoles! what you need to know!

A lot of soccer players if only they bought some cheap insoles could have avoided injury! Don’t make the same mistake they did!

Being a soccer player we must look after our feet as you only get one pair and they are so.. so important to us as without them how the heck are we going to be able to kick the ball?! Even if your are not a soccer player and dont really do much in the way of sports you still have to look after your feet because if you dont you may find yourself in immense pain and unable to walk as not looking after your feet correctly can cause stress, strains, tears and even small fractures in your feet over time even if you aint a runner or a athlete, this is all because of how our feet are designed, the human body is the product of millions of years of evolution, we all know that humans have evolved from apes (if you disagree with this comment below!) so originally our bodies have been made to not stand up straight and our feet designed to cope under the amount of body weight we currently put them through instead our feet and bodies were made to swing in trees and cope in a totally different world. Over time our bodies have adapted to our new environment and way of living but not fully and this is one of the reasons why we wear shoes because else our feet would simply hurt too much on the ground as they are not designed totally for this. This is not the only reason why you might find your feet aching as you get older your feet also get weaker just like every other part of your body your feet can only take so much and as you get older your ligaments, joints, bones and tissues found in our feet loose their strength and elasticity and thus are a lot easier to break.. A good example is plantar fasciitis (I always forget how to spell this condition and have to look it up too many i’s in my opinion) as the plantar fascia gets older and less able to take the strain it once could with less flexibility it is much more easier to strain and pull it causing inflammation and plantar fasciiits. This is really important too for people with flat feet or high arches as there arches are really a lot less able to cope under pressure and have a much higher risk to developing plantar fasciits.

So as you can see is a really good idea to be protected especially in soccer were your feet are under a lot more excess strain and pressure than usual. So what can you do? Insoles that you can wear are a good idea.. many people forget or dont know how important a good pair are which provide adequate arch support, protection from shocks and a comfortable and adaptive design that spreads pressure stopping build up of pressure which would otherwise cause damage and disturbing it evenly through out your feet instead… getting a pair that can do all of this is the best thing you can do for your feet. Don’t be put off by the expensive prices of some insoles you may search online and find many people are selling “custom” insoles or branded ones but these can be a waste of money and have no real extra benefit over the less expensive ones often refereed to as “off the shelf” insoles, as you can now buy insoles that are made from gel that mold to the exact and constantly changing shape of your foot making custom insoles simply obsolete. So I guess it is safe to say that one of the best materials to buy insoles in is gel but you dont have to stick with gel insoles you can also get foam or even rubber insoles that do the job just fine.

There is a lot of tackling if you haven’t noticed in soccer… 0_0 really? yes! and insoles can help give you a little bit more protection which could be the difference of a season ending injury or worse or just a simple knock like I said above they help to absorb shock but that not the main reason why they could stop serious injuries the main reason is that they support your feet and stabilize your feet in the correct position keeping it there whilst your run so if you are tackled there is less chance of you falling and hurting your feet by falling on it in a awkward position too.

Here are some that I have found work wonders for me these insoles can help ward off plantar fasciitis or if it is too late and you have already got it you can help keep weight and pressure of your feet, give them extra support and help them to recover faster too.

Anyway I hope that this article has helped wipe out any confusion or questions you got about insoles….yes I know it is a really boring subject and I hope that I have explained it easily and maybe a little bit fun?

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