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    Non boring exercises

    Sometimes you just gotta have fun! Don’t be a bore and do the same old boring exercises! There so many different ways to keep healthy which you can also do with your friends as well for example…. Obviously it goes without saying soccer is the best of all non boring things to keep healthy and […] More

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    Boston Breakers lose against seattle 3-0

    Sorry for the late news report…by 2 day! only just noticed that nobody else bothered posting about this match yet…(#weneedmorememebers!) 2 606 fans turned out to watch the game on Sunday were Seattle Reign and Boston breakers took each other on! and for those in the home crowd it was worth coming as Seattle broke […] More

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    New York flash beat Washington spirit!

    It’s three points in the bag for WNY! Western new york flash have set their season off with a bang on Sunday as they defeat Washington spirit! At the end of the game both teams played really well but it just wasn’t the spirits day as the wny managed to beat them 3-1. New yorks […] More

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    Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns 0-1

    It may have been a loss for Houston dash but it was a win for their team really! Houston Dash have lost their first ever nwsl game against Portland thorns…ending 1-0 to Portland thorns, well it was to be expected really as the Dash was going up against the previous nwsl champions? But what wasn’t […] More

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    Sky blue and Kansas city kick off nwsl on saturday

    Sky blue and Kansas city are going to be kicking off the anticipated 2014 nwsl season on Saturday 8:00pm at FC Kansas city’s home ground at the Verizon Wireless Field! It will be the second time sky blue kicks start the nwsl into motion as last year it was Sky blue and Portland Thorns who […] More

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    Jog on!

    Even though it takes a lot more than just being quick to be a good soccer player as you need vision and skill to be the best, being quick on your feet is important and helps you get on your way to being the best! I dont know a great deal about running but I […] More

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    Philadelphia Independence join nwsl?

    Been looking at the new roster for the nwsl and I just cannot help thinking that Philadelphia Independence should make a come back and start competing in the nwsl especially when you see this years roster http://womensprosoccer.com/official-nwsl-2014-roster so many of those teams dont look that much better than how Philly Independence was when they were […] More

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    Official nwsl 2014 roster

    We have been posting about all the preseason rosters and seeing the development of the teams but now all the teams have just announced their official and unchanging rosters for the 2014 nwsl season! Finally on Saturday all of the exhibition games and preseason stuff will be over and we will be into the real […] More

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    Spirit sign two new players but who are they?

    Washington Spirit gain two new players to hopefully boost their chances next season… will they? and who exactly are these two new signings? Jordan Angeli and Biancsa Sierra Both new signings aren’t rookies at all but very experienced players. Washington spirit seem to be a little quit so far in the run up to the […] More

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    Torn my acl.. now what!?

    Well I never thought It would happen to me… thought that was pretty naive as a torn acl even happens to the very best soccer players take Sky blue player Hayley Haagsma http://womensprosoccer.com/sky-blue-defender-hayley-haagsma-out-because-… No doubt it is my own fault that I have ended up with a torn acl (which is basically the anterior cruciate […] More

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    Boston beat Harvard

    Harvard are no match for the Breakers! Boston Breakers are just seeming to be getting better and better as things start to close in till the start of the nwsl season. On Wednesday the breakers were up against Harvard and won 4-1 with four different goalscorers! Who scored then? well… Katie Schoepfer, Joanna Lohman, Mollie […] More

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    Nkem Ezurike Joins Breakers!

    Its always good to see new fresh players get started in pro womens soccer… the more the merrier whatever side I say! Lets welcome Nkem Ezurike to the Boston Breakers, I have not seen them personally play before but you cant really argue with what they have achieved in college soccer anyway! Boston Breaker have […] More

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