World cup! is Brazil ready?

So this years world cup will be in Brazil a country that is undoubtedly one of the best soccer nations in the world but does this necessarily mean that Brazil will be able to deliver a good world cup.. after all their is a lot of corruption in Brazil! One thing that isn’t in question is Brazil’s love for soccer and they sure wont want to do things halfhearted, I am sure Brazil would swap hosting the Olympic for hosting the world cups anyway. In mens soccer Brazil have won it 5 times ang unlike any other team Brazil have been the only ones to have qualified for every single world cup to date! I am sure Brazil will do everything they can possible do to win this year! But despite how much Brazil wants the world cup you cannot hide from the fact that the world cup costs a lot! Even though Brazil is a rising economy their still is plenty of corruption and with so much money circulating around it may attract some corruption and with so much pressure to do the best ever world cup I am sure something may go wrong! what do you think will the Brazil world cup be a gooden? Do you think Brazil will be ready in time?

Reign fc beat Sky blue 2-0 in the rain!

On Wednesdays game where Reign FC took on Sky blue it poured it down with rain but despite the rain 582 fans turned out to watch the match at the Yurcak Field in new jersey.
The heavy rain definitely effected the outcome of the game. The final score of the match ended at 2-0 to Reign FC. The two goals came from Kawasumi which was her first goal this season she also helped assist the other goal by Goebel too!

The first goal came 24 minutes into the match. Kelley O Hara passed the goal back to Sky blue goalkeeper Jillian Loyden to clear the ball up field but miscalculated things and ended up missing giving the opportunity for Kawasumi to score which she did.
Regin fc managed to block all attempts from Sky blue and made sure they had little opportunities to score.
In the second half Goebel received a assist from Kawasumi which she managed to simply tap in from six feet away from the goal.
There was another chance for Goebel to make it 3-0 eight minutes later from a pass made by Kim little, goebel attempted to chip it over the sky blue goalie but didnt quite manage it.

This win has shown that Reign FC can take on any situation defend and attack come rain or shine!

Currently the Seattle side are top of the league with 12 points from 4 wins and no losses!

Abby Wambach set to play on saturday against Portland!

Abby Wambach is coming back!
You may or may not have been wondering what has happened to Abby Wambach and why she isn’t playing for the New york flash this season because she was such a good player last season…. have new york side lost their minds? No they haven’t… they just haven’t been able to play her because the U.S national team damaged her!!

Wambach hasn’t been playing for the new york flash in this years 2014 nwsl season because of a fractured orbital bone which has been a huge disappointment to fans this year as in the last nwsl season Wambach was one the flash’s star’ players.
But it has now been announced that Abby Wambach will be returning as she has been medical cleared and able to be play in New york flash’s next game on Saturday against n New york flashs next game on saturday against Portland Thorns FC. Wambach got injured after playing a national game on 10th April against China. Portland Thorns who are currently the champions of the nwsl are looking strong this season so new york flash are going to need all the star players the team can get. Abby Wambach last year was named player of the league twice.. and notched up plenty of assists and more importantly GOALS! something the new york flash seem to be lacking at the moment. The game on Saturday is a home game for the New york team and will be at the Sahlens stadium!

Portland Thorns FC are currently second in the league under Seattle Reign… whereas new york flash are trialling behind in 6th position but there are still plenty more games to be played and plenty more points to be grabbed so anything could happen and it could look totally different at the end of the season!

Non boring exercises

Sometimes you just gotta have fun! Don’t be a bore and do the same old boring exercises! There so many different ways to keep healthy which you can also do with your friends as well for example….

Obviously it goes without saying soccer is the best of all non boring things to keep healthy and fit but what are the others you can try?

I am always getting bored in the gym and quickly loose focus and concentration all the time.

Swimming is probably one of the best and funnest exercises… it is said to be one of the best cardio workouts possible… helping your entire body.. after all you will have to use your whole body to swim otherwise you will sink. Really there so much you can do swimming

Somethings to try…
-Swimming races
-Diving (really fun.. remember the bigger the splash the better)
-How far underwater can you swim?

Only problem is.. you need a swimming pool, but If you aren’t a millionaire I guess there are plenty of sports centers now that have them!

Rock climbing.
It takes a lot of strength to pull your whole body weight up a mountain side! Though It maybe a little dangerous to just go and try and climb and dangle from your local cliff face.. you will need ropes and professionals to help you. There are plenty of indoor climbing facilities you can try out… and can guarantee you if you haven’t tried climbing before you will be really out of breather afterwards because it really is a tough workout!

Look fun dont they.. well Trampolines are pretty good at making your heart get a proper workout too!

Rowing maybe very boring if you are in the gym on one of those rowing machines not going there… rowing gets a lot funner if you are out on proper water battling against really resistance from the waves!

Skateboarding/rollerskating…. im not going to insult your intelligence by telling you what this is. obviously this is fun!

Probably a little bit more boring this one than all the others I mentioned.. Resistance bands!
Keeping fit with resistance bands helps to elevate any niggling pains, stiffness, help you tone up, improve strength and depending on how you workout with the bands they can help cardio as well! The band work not on just in one part of your body but all over, this is really great if you dont have a lot of time on your hands and want to get a quick workout done fast….you can even pop them into a bag because they are small and easy to pack up and carry with you. Resistance bands really are on of my favorite all round body exercises.
I took up using these in my workout because I couldn’t be bothered with a long boring run on the treadmill and I didn’t fancy doing weights either…. Which pretty much rules out most exercises you can do at the gym…
What I like about resistance band exercise is that they help improver posture and your bio mechanics too, lots of physiotherapists will use resistance bands as a way to help get people who have suffered sometimes pretty serious injuries back on their feet again. If you are like me and often loose patience and get bored with the same old exercises then resistance bands might open the door to a whole bunch of new and different ones to try… hopefully you wont get bored well at least as quickly. You can get a set here you can get them in different resistances as well

There you have it a couple fun ways to keep healthy that aint boring.

Boston Breakers lose against seattle 3-0

Sorry for the late news report…by 2 day! only just noticed that nobody else bothered posting about this match yet…(#weneedmorememebers!)

2 606 fans turned out to watch the game on Sunday were Seattle Reign and Boston breakers took each other on! and for those in the home crowd it was worth coming as Seattle broke the Boston breakers with the end result settling at 3-0! The first goal came when Kim Little managed to score from a penalty in the second half (49 minutes into the game) then 5 minutes later she scored again making it 2-0! It was a close game through out as either side had plenty of chances and possession of the ball but it was Seattle reign that seemed to have luck on their side!
Rapinoe would later score the decider in the 88th minute…. ending all hope for the Boston side!

It was going well for the Breakers at the start of the match, the Breakers looked as though they would get a early lead in the 5th minute with a Joanna Lohman volleyed a ball from a crossing made by O reilly which was ever so close to going in but didn’t!

This big loss at the start of the nwsl will really hurt the Breakers team… and may even put doubt into the players minds about the new coach’s strategy Tim Durkin! Maybe the Boston Breakers next game at home against Houston Dash may go a little bit better.. but even though Houston Dash maybe the newbies to the league if their last game against the Champs Portland thorns is anything to go by Boston Breakers will have to up their game on 20th april!

Like all the games you can watch them on youtube LIVE… or catch up on all the league action if you missed something!

New York flash beat Washington spirit!

It’s three points in the bag for WNY!

Western new york flash have set their season off with a bang on Sunday as they defeat Washington spirit! At the end of the game both teams played really well but it just wasn’t the spirits day as the wny managed to beat them 3-1. New yorks flash have been signing a lot of international players this season and it seems to have payed off as Vicky Losada more or less won this game for the flash side scoring 2 of the 3 goals.. and even the goal she didn’t score she made it happen with an assist anyway!
Read more about new goal sorcerer Vicky Losada here:

Flash coach Aaran Lines was pleased with the teams performance adding he thought the team played “very well”…. thanks to the team being “determined” and “organized” which led them to create the good opportunities!

Vicky Losada jumped the team into the lead proving why Barcelona picked her as their captain with a shot in the 15 minute putting the team into the lead early on!

In the second half it was Washington Spirit’s turn to fight back and managed to score a equalizer from Christine Nairin, the midfield did it in style with a terrific corner kick that just seemed to curve straight into the back of the net.

But celebrations for the Washington team were short lived as four minutes after the equalizer Brittany Taylor slides a goal in from a assist made by viky.

Then 67 minutes into the game Viky made sure to get another one Adriana Martin (also from spain) passed it to Vicky to finish off the game once and for all!

It was a good game with 2,306 watching the game at Maureen Hendricks Field stadium… seems the nwsl is averaging at 2000+ per game!

Saturday Flash will be going up against Chicago Red stars

Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns 0-1

It may have been a loss for Houston dash but it was a win for their team really!

Houston Dash have lost their first ever nwsl game against Portland thorns…ending 1-0 to Portland thorns, well it was to be expected really as the Dash was going up against the previous nwsl champions? But what wasn’t to be expected was the fight the Houston Dash put up! There really is no doubt that Houston Dash is bringing something fresh and helping to improve the league even more!

After the math the Dash team didn’t just find the nearest exist and hide away instead they joined in with the celebrations and got in amongst the fans.. taking autographs and taking pictures…..

Despite the loss, The dash through out the game dominated it was only when Portland Thorns took an early lead and what proved to be the winner in the 23rd minute when Allie Long headed it over the Dash’s defense into the goal from a corner made by Jessica Mcdonald.
The Houston Dash didn’t give up and plenty of chances came and went their way and they dominated possession of the ball through out the game…. but it simply wasn’t to be…

It was a really good match… and with 8 097 watching the game in the BBVA compass Stadium last Saturday night creating a great atmosphere the turnout says a lot! The way The Dash went to their fans after the game will also help grow their support for their team, the league as a whole and womens soccer too!

If this is what they can deliver their first ever match they are definitely the ones to watch in this league!

So anyway what does this game say about the league and will the national womens soccer league last? After watching this game I think that they will do just fine…As the nwsl get set to start a second season this game has shown us a lot of things and we can safely say the nwsl is going in the right direction..

Houston Dash have joined this year increasing the league from eight to nine teams competing.

Many womens soccer league have started up only to fall under finical difficulty, he wps wasn’t much different to how the nwsl is right now et for some reason the sums didn’t add up and the league had to fold
Though the finical pressures doesn’t come from lack of support for womens soccer as its not like womens pro soccer isnt something not to be proud of, our national womens team can boost many victory’s including bringing in at least something in ever Olympics games and world cup for the U.S since 1991! it is a much loved game with many young female soccer players (about 1. million across the U.S) hoping to go pro, the fan turn out for games is great to as last year the average turn out was 4, 233 for a game alone!

Watching soccer being played both inspires and motivates young girls and gives them and a aim and dream that is different to the superficial “Hollywood” ones!

Does it take more than just finance to survive?…..What do you think the nwsl needs to do to survive?

Sky blue and Kansas city kick off nwsl on saturday

Sky blue and Kansas city are going to be kicking off the anticipated 2014 nwsl season on Saturday 8:00pm at FC Kansas city’s home ground at the Verizon Wireless Field! It will be the second time sky blue kicks start the nwsl into motion as last year it was Sky blue and Portland Thorns who played in the nwsl very first game!

On the match on Sunday being played at Kansas city’s new stadium at University of Missouri in Kansas… so it will mean alot to Kansas city not to jinx (do people actually still use that word.. who knows I just did anyway) their new home with a loss….. they really do need a win!

Remember you can watch this game free and all the other nwsl games streamed LIVE on the official nwsl YouTube channel!

For this particular game go to (dont try watching the game just yet as YouTube cannot see into the future…no matter how many ads you watch… you’ll just see a black screen)

Sky blue will be playing host later on, when at their home stadium Yurcak Field they will be taking on the NWSL champions Portland Thorns on April 19th!

For fc Kansas city they will be playing away in their next 4 matches against the like of Washington spirit and Portland Thorns they will then return back to their brand new stadium again when they play Chicago Red stars which will be on 30th april, so lets hope they havnt jinxed the stadium for that game!

Jog on!

Even though it takes a lot more than just being quick to be a good soccer player as you need vision and skill to be the best, being quick on your feet is important and helps you get on your way to being the best!

I dont know a great deal about running but I do know some stuff…the most important stuff! I have been a runner for quite sometime now, going out on jogs each and every morning (even when it is snowing) as running does wonders for my soccer keeps me nimble on my feet, faster and helps me keep up with the other players with good pace throughout a whole 90 minute match! I do try other cardio exercises like swimming but to me nothing can beat the experience of running.. as if your on the go.. out there in the great outdoors nothing really beats a good jog!

Quick small strides when running is the best.

Good posture is key to running!
When your going running if you find that your neck starts hurting or your finding that your back starts straining which it shouldn’t because you shouldn’t be using these body parts when your running, then I would suggest that your technique needs looking at. A common cause of strain and tension on the upper body can be that your posture isn’t right when you are running.

You must make sure that your head never looks down on the floor when you are running this is one of the worst things you can do as it causes neck strain and it also effects the back as well, so instead make sure you focus on something in the difference, keep your head up and keep it there looking straight ahead at all times.

keep your shoulders relaxed and down, tensed up shoulder creates bad posture, something else you nee do be aware of is how you are using your arms. Arms can help pump you on whilst running but you must not rotate your body when swinging your arms or make your arms cross over to the other side of your body as this create unnecessarily movement that will tire you out and is bad for your posture when running. SO DON’T DO IT!

Warm up before you go out running, I can not stress this enough because if you dont your risking a pretty bad injury like a torn ACL…even the best of the best runners and soccer players can end up pulling a muscles or tearing a ligament if they do not warm up properly before hand. Warm up is meant to stretch out your muscles and make them flexible and able to take the strains and stretching running involves without tearing. Pilates, yoga are great if you dont like the look of conventional stretches but make sure you spend a good 10 minutes fully stretching out your whole body.

Remember never risk running if something is hurting as carrying on can cause a whole load more problems later on!

Running can play havoc on your feet. If you suffer from aching sore feet during or after a run something isn’t right! Make sure your feet hit the ground correctly as not to over pronate your feet or under pronate your feet whilst running if you find that this is the case then buying some insoles to correct this is the answer as over or under pronation in the feet can cause lots of problems including putting extra stress and strain on the arches of your feet which over time if nothing is done about it can cause things like plantar fasciitis, not only that but bad pronation can cause stress to even travel up to your shins causing shin splints as well. Have you got high or low arches? (sometimes called fallen or flat arches) can also be a reason to pain in the feet whilst running this is because the arches are less able to take to stress and pressure that running puts them under, there is also a increased risk of plantar fasciitis because inflammation is more common in those suffering form plantar fasciitis, but it is again easily corrected with a decent pair of correctly fitted and supporting insoles! It maybe a good idea looking on the nuovahealth blog as they have some pretty cool information on all of this kind of stuff:

Something else you should try to always do is to keep your muscles hydrated and in doing so subtle and ready to go! You muscles need hydration if not they will dry up and become a lot more susceptible to injury as they lack moisture and thus can no longer stretch out. Keep a water bottle and take regular swigs of water when your out on a long run!

Keep things fun!
Keep timing your self when you go running. Some people will often feel that they are going nowhere with their new running regime and give up… set yourself targets and see if you can beat personal records its much funner like this! Some people may get bored when running listening to music may help, music is also good with keeping you on pace an will hopefully give you momentum to help spur you on further because basically it will distract your mind from the tiredness and the build up of the lactic acid when you run!

Now jog on!

Philadelphia Independence join nwsl?

Been looking at the new roster for the nwsl and I just cannot help thinking that Philadelphia Independence should make a come back and start competing in the nwsl especially when you see this years roster so many of those teams dont look that much better than how Philly Independence was when they were competing in the wps.. albeit with different players. I think we should all rally together to try and bring back philly independence to the nwsl… or some sort of pro women’s team for philly.. who is with me? There was was definitely a lot of interest in the philly team when they were around I just dont get why they disappeared of the face of the earth whilst teams like Boston breakers and sky blue after the wps just simply went on to nwsl… It is a real shame as philly could really have took on these teams but I guess some teams just have more funding then others and it all boils down to money at the end of the day.

What do you think do you think Philadelphia Independence should join the nwsl?.. with only 9 teams in the league independence could really shake up the league and make it more interesting.

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