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New York Flash signs Barcelona captain

New york flash have just grabbed themselves a brand new player all the way from Barcelona and not just any old player but their captain! New york flash has a new player on their side next season and they come all the way from Barcelona maybe the New york flash are hoping for there very own Messi. María Victoria Losada Gómez is set to start playing for the new york team that if goes okay with their p1 visa and transfer certificate but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The flash Manager has spoken out about the new signing of the captain of Barcelona saying he is “really excited”. It is good news for the NWSL as the league start spreading its wings into more international signings. She started her playing career for Bareclona back in 2008 and has been a strong asset to the team ever since… it has not been disclosed how much Maria Victoria cost the new york flash side but I doubt the signing was cheap… after all who would get rid of their star captain for pennies… Barcelona is one of the strongest teams in women”s football winning national championships back to back. María Victoria isnt just or rather was the captain for Barcelona but also is part of one of the best women”s soccer teams ever the Spanish national team…. Looks as though new york flash going to be getting lots of goals in this next season!

2-1 Houston Dash vs New York Flash

The final score between Houston Dash and NY flash ended at 2-1.. a surprising victory for Houston Dash as they trail second from bottom of the league.

Yesterday New york flash lost against Houston Dash in front of a new York home crowd at the Sahlens Stadium where over 3, 500 fans turned out to watch the game.

New york Flash were the first to score thanks to McCall Zerboni just before the end of the first half with a volley into the back of the net from a cross made by Adriana Martin.
Moments later it looked as though the NY team would score again as Adrianne passed the ball over to Samantha Kerr who didn’t have have to worry about the dash’s defense as she left them behind but unfortunately Bianca Henninger who is the Dahs’s goalkeeper managed to get a touch on the one on one shot for goal made by Samantha Kerr.. Dash’s defense were then ready to get hold of the ball and make the clearance. (It goes without saying that they really needed that goal!)

Despite being 1-0 down, Houston dash came back in the second half strong and McCarty in the 52st minute managed to score as she tapped the ball in from a shot made by Kealia Ohai after getting the ball made by a throwing from Arianna Romero.

The winner came on at the 73rd minute of the match when Burger headed in a corner kick made by Stephanie Ochs.

-The Dash’s next game will be up against sky blue.

Ny flash will be up against Kansas city in their next match.

Currently The Houston dash are 8th in the league with 7 points, winning 2, losing 7 and drawing 1, whereas Ny flash are placed 6th with 11 points, 3 wins, 2 draws and this lose is there 4th in the season.

NY lose at home to Spirits

4 598 fans turned out for Saturdays game where Western New York Flash and The Washington Spirit battled it out at the Maureen Hendricks Field over in Boyds.
The NY home team was looking strong but it was thanks mainly to the spirits Jodie Taylor scoring first just 11 minutes into the game. It was then looking good for flash as Flash put another one in the net making the score 2-1.
Despite the flash’s star players Abby Wambach and Carli Lloyd managed to score two goals in this game but it wasn’t enough… As later on just as people thought the game was coming to a end in the 71st minutes of the match Washington Spirits scored again (or rather a own goal as the ball bounced off Kat Williams Jodie Taylor mad eit happen) and then moments later (7 minutes to be precise) the spirits scored yet another goal (From a free kick to Averbuch who headed it towards Taylor who then managed to pass it through into the back of the net) which put the spirits in a great spot and meant NY was playing catch up with only a couple minutes to go… and it wasn’t to be as the final whistle went.

This is NY flash’s 2 second loss so far this season.
Both Ny flash and the spirits have won 3 games but Washington spirit have won 3 games but have lost 4.
Ny flash are currently 3rd in the league with 10 points and Washington Spirit despite this victory are 6th having notched up 9 points.

Currently first by quite a way are Seattle reign who are still unbeaten and have won all of their games and have 21 points…which is miles ahead of Portland Thorns with 11 who are 2nd in the league.

You may have noticed that Spirit defender Toni Pressley wasn’t playing in this game if you watched it. This is because Toni Pressley has sustained a Posterior Knee injury in her knee which she got near to the end of the last game Spirit’s played against Kansas City. She is now expected to miss a large chunk of this years season due to her injury. It isnt thought that the injury is career changing or will need surgery. Toni Pressley has said she is “obviously disappointed”!

New york flash draw with Portland Thorns 1-1

It was a good game to watch but I really wouldn’t want be there watching in the stadium as it pured it down! The game ended 1-1 with plenty of chances and opportunities for either side…In my opinion though New york flash dominated the game but it wasn’t meant to be. So what happened and who scored what? Let me explain…
Due to the heavy rain there was a 43 minute delay 7 minutes into the game to wait for it to stop…. but the weather did not put a dampener on things excuse the pun but at the end of the match both sides drew at 1-1 a piece. Despite the horrendous weather 3, 674 fans tuned out to watch the game which was being played at the Sahlen’s stadium in New york. New york Flash needed a win today as they start to trail behind in the league with only 4 points whereas in contrast Portland thorns are still yet to be beaten in the league and have amassed 7 points so far.

The new york flash started of with the goal scoring when Spanish player Sonia Bermudez put the team ahead with a amazing kick that the Portland Thorns goalie Angerer could get a touch on as it slammed into the upper reaches of the goal. As Jessica Mcdonald manages to equalize quickly after Sarah Huffman crosses it into the goal area… Williams manages to block it the cross from going in only for it to fall into the path of Jessica Mcdonald who was able to just tap it in.

There was plenty of chances for both teams, but it was evident that flash was trying hard to win this match as they seemed to dominate play even in the last minutes of the game NY flash had a good chance to win as shim had the ball but it wasn’t to be as Thorns did well in defense.

The flash’s next match will be again at home and this time they will be taking on FC Kansas city who are currently 3rd in the league.

New York flash beat Washington spirit!

It’s three points in the bag for WNY!

Western new york flash have set their season off with a bang on Sunday as they defeat Washington spirit! At the end of the game both teams played really well but it just wasn’t the spirits day as the wny managed to beat them 3-1. New yorks flash have been signing a lot of international players this season and it seems to have payed off as Vicky Losada more or less won this game for the flash side scoring 2 of the 3 goals.. and even the goal she didn’t score she made it happen with an assist anyway!
Read more about new goal sorcerer Vicky Losada here:

Flash coach Aaran Lines was pleased with the teams performance adding he thought the team played “very well”…. thanks to the team being “determined” and “organized” which led them to create the good opportunities!

Vicky Losada jumped the team into the lead proving why Barcelona picked her as their captain with a shot in the 15 minute putting the team into the lead early on!

In the second half it was Washington Spirit’s turn to fight back and managed to score a equalizer from Christine Nairin, the midfield did it in style with a terrific corner kick that just seemed to curve straight into the back of the net.

But celebrations for the Washington team were short lived as four minutes after the equalizer Brittany Taylor slides a goal in from a assist made by viky.

Then 67 minutes into the game Viky made sure to get another one Adriana Martin (also from spain) passed it to Vicky to finish off the game once and for all!

It was a good game with 2,306 watching the game at Maureen Hendricks Field stadium… seems the nwsl is averaging at 2000+ per game!

Saturday Flash will be going up against Chicago Red stars

New york flash new goalkeeper Lydia Williams

We all thought it was over for the New york flash before the next NWSL even begun as their brilliant goalkeeper Adrianna Franch sustained a knee injury that would see her out all season and maybe even for good… but we were wrong as team quickly grab a replacement and put New york flash back into the competition!

Western New york flash got a new goalie and a good one as they sign Australia’s national team’s main goalie Lydia Williams. This is great news for the New york flash squad as it means that not all is lost when they recently lost their main goalie Adrianna Franch thanks to a ACL knee injury (which you can read about here……) in the first week on training. With the NWSL season so close the new york flash team have really got lucky here as the doors and opportunities for new signings close in as the season gets closer.

They are expecting Lydia to start play with the team as soon as possible.

Lydia Williams is not stranger to playing in pro leagues in America she once played for the Red stars in the WPS way back in 2009. She is a really good goalkeeper playing across the world, she has been in the Australian national team since 2005 which is quite a long time which proves how much the Australians dont want to let her go.

It is a good signing for the NY Flash lets just hope they dont injure this one!

Could Lydia replace Adrianna Franch permanently? That yet to be seen!

The full contract of the new signing has not been fully disclosed.

Western New York flash lose their goalkeeper because of anterior cruciate ligament injury

It is so close to the start of the NWSL 2014 Season which is set to kick off on in April but we wont be seeing Adrianna Franch on the field for the next 2014 NWSL season because of what happened in training!

Goalkeeper for the Western New York flash Adrianna Franch wont be playing in the next national women’s soccer league down to tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee, it is a very common injury which if serious enough can wreck a players career thankfully ADRIANNA FRANCH should make a full recovery after surgery. So close to the next season Franch sustained the knee injury whilst in preseason training.

This will be a real blow to the western new york team because Franch who was a runner up for National Women’s Soccer League goalkeeper of the year award and also rookie of the year award last year really added to the teams defense!
Last season thanks to Franch the western new york flash managed to be the best defensive team in the league with only 20 goals being scored against them. so it is no wonder that the western new york team are quite devastated by the early loss of one of their best goalkeepers who showed off their talent for the team last season the Western new york flash side was probably hoping to use her talented goalkeeping a lot this season as well but it wasn’t to be.

Franch is upset about not being able to play but is determined to play next year and is behind the team all the way even if she will be watching from the sidelines.

It really is a shame as this will put a real dent in the team and will this cause the Western New York flash to have a bad season even before the seasons even gets to kick off? Post your comments below about your opinions or even just support for Adrianna Franch.

Western New York flash 2014 25 PLAYER ROSTER

The team cannot have all 29 previously selected players in their roster according to NWSL so Western New york flash just has 25 picked players now!

WNY has reduced its preseason roster from 29 to 25 in accordance to national women soccer league rules.

One of the players out of the previous roster is Adrianna Franch dont worry the wny flash coaches haven’t gone barking mad as in training she has suffered from a ACL knee injury and cannot play this season and is awaiting surgery this has however unfortunate has given wny a free place to work with. Even though her injury has helped free up some room on the team this will certainly prove a huge blow to the flash team what ever way you look at it though.

Lots of players are heading over to buffalo to start training this week such as Emma Kete!

A second and very important warm up game for the flash team will be played against west Virginia university on Saturday is going ahead and will show just how ready the side is and how much of a impact the loss of Adrianna Franch has made on the team.

the roster at the moment looks like this:

In defense you have…

Amy Barczuk
Kristen Edmonds
Ally Lee*
Haley Palmer*
Casey Ramirez*
Katherine Reynold
Annie Steinlage
Brittany Taylor

In midfield you will see…

Nicholette DiGiacomo*
Selenia Iacchelli
Carli Lloyd
Vicky Losada
Kristen Meier*
Yoreli Rincon*
Jordon Roseboro*
Angela Salem
McCall Zerboni

those to take up striker positions the WNY have picked…

Samantha Kerr
Emma Kete
Adriana Martin
Jasmyne Spencer
Courtney Verloo
Abby Wambach

and these are the two surviving goalkeepers

Kelsey Wys
Arianna Criscione*

*=on trial at the moment.

You can follow the team through training over on there twitter account too if you are interested over on @wnyflash

What do you reckon about this team? Do you think Adrianna Franch can be replaced by Kelsey Wys or Arianna Criscione?

Goalkeeper Karen Bardsley Named WPS Player of the Month

Bardsley Recorded 13 Saves to Lead Sky Blue FC Past the Atlanta Beat, 1-0 (Photo by Howard C. Smith – ISI Photos)

Somerset, N.J. (Tuesday, May 11, 2010) – After registering 13 saves en route to her league-leading third shutout of the season, Sky Blue FC goalkeeper Karen Bardsley has been named the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) Player of the Week. Many of Bardsley’s saves were done in spectacular fashion in a Sunday evening road win over the Atlanta Beat, 1-0, and her blank slate helped move Sky Blue FC into sole possession of second place in the WPS Standings.

“This is a huge honor, and it truly means a great deal to me,” Bardsley said. “It is a special feeling to get these individual accolades because it means that I am doing well, but the success of the team as a whole is really my only goal. When the team is winning, it makes an award like this so much sweeter.”

Bardsley put on a goalkeeping display in the win over Atlanta, and everyone has been quick to take notice of her dominating performance. On Monday afternoon, Bardsley was named Player of the Week by both Big Apple Soccer and, but it was immediately after the match that she began to realize how special the night had been.

“The response after the game was crazy,” she reflected. “When I sat down in the locker room to call my parents, I had 37 text messages and a bunch of missed calls. To know so many people support me and Sky Blue FC is simply awesome. I’m really honored and flattered to know how much support there is for us out there.”

In addition to leading WPS with three shutouts, Bardsley’s 0.80 goals against average is tops in the league, and her 36 saves are 10 more than any other WPS goalkeeper. She also sits atop the league with a 0.90 save percentage.

The WPS Player of Week is selected by a panel of journalists from the North American Soccer Reporters. Bardsley is the first Sky Blue FC player to win Player of the Week honors this season, and this is the fourth time overall that a player on the team has received the award. Goalkeeper Jenni Branam and forward Tasha Kai (twice) were each named Player of the Week during the 2009 season.

Next up for Sky Blue FC is a 4:00 p.m. pairing with Saint Louis Athletica this Sunday, May 16th. The team returns home to Yurcak Field when it hosts the Boston Breakers on Saturday, May 29th, at 7:00 p.m.