Sky Blue beat Boston Breakers 1-0

Sky blue break Boston Breakers 1-0 last Saturday. It was a home game at the Yurcak Field Stadium for the Sky blue side with a turn out of fans that was around 1300! The only goal was made 14 minutes into the game from Monica Ocampo thanks to a pass made by Kelly O'hara.

Jim Gabarra who is head coach for Sky Blue put the win down to a "new attitude" of play he also said that Sky Blue have been getting used to the league and now they are finally ready, playing as though they had to win at all costs no matter what.

SKY BLUE FC cannot score against Penn state!

Sky blue have been facing off against Penn stat uni in a exhibition game that ended in nil-nil draw as neither team could break down the others sides defense and score in Livingston new jersey.

Sky blue and Penn state looked equal as they played in the wet and cold conditions near the end of the game either side had the chance to score but neither could.

Sky Blue Defender Hayley Haagsma out because of ACL knee injury!

Not another one! This is the second reporting of a player suffering from a ACL knee injury (it is when you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee this is quite common in soccer and sports and is usually the cause of over stretching of the ligament when it is tight therefore stretching and warm up exercises before matches are really important) that we have had in a bout a week.. whats going on? The NWSL hasn't even begun yet.... aren't the coaches warming up the players properly before they go onto the play?


Sky blue FC beat St john 1-0

Sky blue FC luckily scored in the first 2 minutes and so manages to beat ST. john in a close game last Saturday but if they didn't it might have been a nil-nil draw.
The game was being held in the Belson Stadium as part of a preseason exhibition match to warm up the Sky blue FC for the next season of the NWSL that kicks off in April...


Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014

Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014 national womens soccer league has been announced and the team is full of new rookie players ready to prove themselves... we have already seen the roster for the Red stars so how about for Sky blue?

In sky Blue's team you are going to be seeing eight previous players who made it back from the first season of the NWSL and many newcomers as well like Maya Hayes.

The Pre season team looks like this... will this be the team playing in the 2014 who knows...