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  • @strike I’m very sorry about your sister

    I don’t think that being financially dependent has to be a bad thing if both partners go about it the right way. I’ve only been dependent on OH for money for a comparatively short time but I have my own pension and savings etc because this seems like the sensible option. I will be working again soon, all…[Read more]

  • @nasty-woman I wonder how many men there are out there who want Victorian type women given to fainting at every opportunity? I couldn’t stand a man like that. I want to be supported and treated as an equal (even if I am different e.g. better driver, less able to pick up 40kg sacks, better at mental arithmetic, worse at cooking or whatever) and the…[Read more]

  • Are we defining independence mostly as a financial thing?

    @sammy No, I don’t think that being independent means being financially independent although of course it does not preclude it I’m afraid that I don’t like the term ‘fiercely independent’ as I don’t think one has to be fierce unless under attack.

    We all like to be needed, men included. I…

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  • Surely the issue is men not being able to read the situation.

    When I meet a group of people, I’ll kiss some of the women and not others, I’ll shake hands with some of the men and not others.

    It’s down to reading body language and making eye contact.

    The issue is people are losing this art very quickly. I blame mobile phones. People who grew…[Read more]

  • I’m suffering again and also in my right heel. It gets you down doesn’t it? Mine went away for a few weeks after I’d been in hospital for an operation and was only doing very light exercise. As soon as I went back to my normal routine it came back. I think I might go to a physio because I’m not managing to get on top of it by myself despite using…[Read more]

  • Last time I drove a van, people tried to help me reverse park it too.

    It might not be a fair comparison, though, I really am shit at parking HEHE!