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  • Couldn’t open the link but is it based on American systems? They farm dairy very differently to the UK (and europe) and use hormones to produce milk rather than the cow having a calf. Their way is illegal here so no hormones in British (and European) dairy products.

    Our milk is sampled daily, if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be it all…[Read more]

  • skipper replied to the topic How to treat ball of foot pain? in the forum Health 1 day ago

    @socccergal Thanks for your support! It feels like a really dull ache today and

    Iv been looking at my running shoes and they are pretty worn out.. weirdly they do feel a lot tighter than they did when I bought them and I am pretty sure my feet haven’t grown and I only bought them 6 months ago. I think they are made from some pretty bad materials…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your replies guys really appreciate it. I looked online and the word metatarsalgia popped up but that injury seems to be extremely broad and covers all ball of foot injuries.

    I wonder if it might be caused by me putting too much pressure on ball of feet when I walk or something.

    I was thinking I might do PRICE, but is this only for…[Read more]

  • I woke up this morning with really bad ball of foot pain in my right foot. What is the most common cause of ball of foot pain? I don’t know what has caused it as I do a lot of different sports.. football/climbing/skiing/running/cycling so I cannot pin down the injury to a bad “technique”. It could be that I have really bad technique in just one of…[Read more]

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    Liverpool are an awful team this year compared to other years. They’ve no midfield and Cann is off soon. Attacking they are great but behind that there’s a very weak team. Until they sign a keeper worthy of being at a top premiership team I’d be surprised if they made the champions league. They should have signed Schmeichel last summer.

    @jess[Read more]