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    You seem to know more about the Aguero incident than the rest of us??? Much more than you could possibly have taken from the television pictures.

    • From the telly pictures I saw he was clearly being jostled and antagonized by 3 or 4 wigan supporters. one of the Man City subs or staff was trying to get Aguero out of the way, but one of the Wigan “fans” was repeatedly getting right in his face.

      I dont believe even opposing supporters would have physically assaulted him but what was evident…[Read more]

  • I think I consider myself independent. I think my soon to be ex OH always found that a bit difficult to be honest. So maybe it does affect relationships. Sometimes I have been the major earner, at others not – but I do not consider independence to be just a financial thing, more a viewpoint.
    I think I am too old to change though, and to be honest…[Read more]