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  • Also do not underestimate the sock factor. I ran today in normal socks cos I couldn’t find proper ones and I knew it would end badly. It did

    I highly recommend the gentlegrip brand of socks that you can buy from shoewawa – quite pricey but they are really good – no rubbing and no blisters

  • lilly replied to the topic Mourinho in the forum General Banter 1 week ago

    I agree I don’t like him. He seems a poor man manager. He moans. He doesn’t get results. He doesn’t make the best of the talent that’s at his disposal.

    Sean Dyche is the exact opposite to the above, and more likely to replicate Fergie.

  • @soccerballz There’s no generalising that everyone born in the 60s and 70s is better at reading body language and making eye contact, compared with any of the younger generation?

    How is that not generalisation?

    I work with quite a few very awkward 50+ year olds, that aren’t anywhere near as comfortable with social situations, as me or many peo…[Read more]

  • lilly replied to the topic Coccyx Pain in the forum Health 1 week, 2 days ago

    Glad you got a diagnosis and hope the treatment works for you, your doctor is right that it is a chronic condition. Mine have been ok for a few years but have been very painful for the last week and I don’t know what has aggravated them.

  • @amy I don’t know I dislike waiting for anything I just went straight to a private chiropodist that does lots of sport type work. They cost just under £100 and were worth every penny .

  • I wear supportive shoes, tried orthotics and do my stretching already.
    Think I may try some laser with a physio.

    @amy Did you have the insoles made for you or were they over the counter .
    If over the counter ones did not work get a pair made for you insoles did not help me much until I did and then they got me pain free .
    I still wear them…[Read more]

  • Ok first get out of flat heels. JD Williams do a ‘cushion walk’ sandal which is a heel which supports as well as being ‘airy’ and designed to give comfort. My sports injury clinic chap looked at my plantar fasciitis and said he is making a booming business due to all the silly ballerina pumps out there that give no heel support at all.

    I had it…[Read more]