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    Dear Wigan fans, your manager got wound up (going ballistic in the tunnel at the ref and our manager), Aguero got wound up (lashed out at a fan) and some of your fans were a total and utter disgrace. We did provoke your fans, which was wrong, but the reaction was well bad, and carried one once we moved away – ripping stuff up and throwing it at…[Read more]

    • Success can cause arrogance and with that an almost given right to win a football match.

      They are not familiar with loosing. A shame they have forgotten where they have come from.

    • Guardiola. Classy guy…. If any of the ground staff find his dummy, then it’d only be fair to return it.

    • All of this is true. But let’s not be totally blinded by the giant-killing moment.

      Aguero was on the pitch, on his own, surrounded by Wigan fans who should not have been there, with pretty much no protection. Obviously he was coming in for some abuse, taunting and goading and shouldn’t react, but who was making sure he got safely off the pitch?…[Read more]

      • Great result for Wigan but I imagine there will be some kind of penalty for the pitch invasion, which will take the gloss off a tremendous night for them, especially if City complain their players were put at risk.

    • Absolutely disgusting situation for Aguero to be in. To the point it nearly took away the massive feeling of achievement and what football should be about.

      IMO Wigan should be dealt with in the harshest possible manner as this wasn’t just fans cheering and goading Aguero. He could quite easily be in a hospital bed this morning or worse.

      It…[Read more]

      • You seem to know more about the Aguero incident than the rest of us??? Much more than you could possibly have taken from the television pictures.

        • From the telly pictures I saw he was clearly being jostled and antagonized by 3 or 4 wigan supporters. one of the Man City subs or staff was trying to get Aguero out of the way, but one of the Wigan “fans” was repeatedly getting right in his face.

          I dont believe even opposing supporters would have physically assaulted him but what was evident…[Read more]

    • I think Aguero will get a ban, the game has changed, a decade ago a bit of fan/player contact was nothing but it is more serious now. Remember schmeichel rugby tacking turkish fan and dragging him off the pitch.

      But he also pushed/punched him and then kicked out so I think a 1-3 game ban. His reaction was understandable but doubt the FA will see…[Read more]

  • I don’t know of any of my male friends who would think like this and my OH wouldn’t dare . Only one of my female friends is a stay at home mum (and she was always the one I knew would end up doing that) although some work part time. All the couples I know share all the jobs at home and none of the women would ever feel or act inferior or as if…[Read more]

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    Could be a lot of things…..subacromial impingement, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, calcium deposits in tendons…I would recommend seeing your GP who may refer you to a specialist. Sometimes all is needed is some physiotherapy, or maybe a steroid injection into the shoulder. He may also send you for an ultrasound scan/x ray . You could try some…[Read more]

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    if you are from the uk go and see a private physio, they are usually much better with more chronic-type/sports injuries than nhs ones IME.

  • Part of the issue not the initial move, be that a peck on the cheek or what, it’s the response and understanding after.

    If the person recoils/ pushes you away/ acts in any way uncomfortable you step back apologies and explain yourself before excusing yourself and finding yourself a hole you can crawl into to hide your embarrassment. This goes for…[Read more]

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    If you have poor posture when sitting that can cause coccyx problems. Or pregnancy/childbirth can affect the ligaments around the coccyx and cause pain.

  • It’s a horrid thing to have. I did stretches as recommended by Pilates above, which are the same as the exercises for my Achilles, & it did go and *touch wood* hasn’t been back, & I’m running around 22 miles a week.

    I feel for you as it bl**dy hurts…!

  • Interesting. I still have crutches from 2005 (NHS-issued) when I broke an ankle. Nobody requested that I return them but I did try to do so, and whoever it was that I saw quite politely and convincingly explained that the paperwork involved would actually cost the NHS more than the value of the crutches. This made sense to me at the time and makes…[Read more]

  • Occasionally I get to take the work van out. Mwb transit size. I’m in my 40s, and I have had a full license since 17 having learnt to drive in parents 8 seat people carrier.

    I drove 17 seater minibuses regularly since I was 21 and have trained and passed assessments for lwb minibus at University, Scouts and various local authorities when I was…[Read more]

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