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  • anne replied to the topic Mourinho in the forum General Banter 1 week ago

    @skipper The new defender is good but the midfield is weak. Pogba and Matic are far too strong. I’d be amazed if they made second. Letting Cann go and you’ve no power in the midfield.

    It’s United and Chelsea.

    Liverpool have conceded 25 goals, United 16, Chelsea 16, City 13. That’s significantly more.

    There attacking play is great but they leave…[Read more]

  • anne replied to the topic Coccyx Pain in the forum Health 1 week, 2 days ago

    Following this thread with interest. OP I look forward to hearing how you get on with your GP.

    I had a cyst on mine, the Dr took it very seriously and wanted to remove the coxyx! Sadly this would have meant the end of soccer for me, so I refused his kind offer, despite dire warnings that I would one day crawl back to him and beg him to do the…

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  • I’ve always had Karrimor (cheap and cheerful!) but my OH got me a fab pair for my last birthday – Mizuno BG 1000 ones – much better than any others I’ve had, I love them!

  • Following my hip replacement recently I returned home with two crutches. They were useful at first, but as I got stronger I had little, then no, need for them. I took them back to the hospital when I went to my follow-up appointment. I left them in giant cage filled with dozens of the things, just outside the therapy department. It must make…[Read more]