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    Success can cause arrogance and with that an almost given right to win a football match.

    They are not familiar with loosing. A shame they have forgotten where they have come from.

  • The biggest thing I hate about men is they want to be in control, or think they should be in control.

    @babe Not all men. You’ve obviously met the tossers

    But let’s be blunt – women don’t help themselves sometimes. You don’t have to accept that treatment.

    And women can be just as demanding, controlling and abusive.

    Be a good person, don’t be an…[Read more]

  • I thought a bit about this last night. Both my grandmothers and my mother, through death or divorce were ‘on their own’ for protracted periods of time. My Nan was a widower for longer than she was married.
    So I guess this is what has coloured my outlook somewhat. I grew up around (what I consider to be) very strong, independent women. My own…[Read more]