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    I have been having trouble recently with a painful ankle when riding/exercising. It causes quite a lot of discomfort but only when in heavy use (I.e on a day to day basis without sports it is fine). However when exercising or running it becomes painful and often stays with a niggling pain for the rest of that day.

    I had been bracing it for soccer and for some sports but I dont find it comfortable to run with the brace and after my last run with a local group I was told that I should really see a physio. The only reason I haven’t gone as of yet is because when I am not exercising it is fine, which since the start of this year I hadn’t done much of. However as the weather is getting nicer and I am upping my sports it seems to be causing more problems.

    I’d rather avoid the doctors if possible but can a physio treat or diagnosis without a doctors opinion? Or am I missing a trick and there is a more appropriate person to see?

    Any help much appreciated

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    I would go to physio first, see what they say as doctor (well mine do) would only refer you to one and then investigate after

    If physio wants scans etc they can write a letter to your doctor.

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    Great thanks that clears things up!

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    if you are from the uk go and see a private physio, they are usually much better with more chronic-type/sports injuries than nhs ones IME.

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    Its possibly your action causing a slight sprain each time you exercise it- I’d go to a doctor for a referral to a biomechanics department- as well as physio.

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