How to ease shoulder pain?

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    Anyone have any experience with shoulder pain for the last few days I’ve been in pain.
    Shoulder joint hurts with movement and feels weak. Worse when raising my arm. Not injured it as far as I know. Will be going to doc if it doesn’t improve just wonder if anyone else has had anything like it.

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    Could be a lot of things…..subacromial impingement, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, calcium deposits in tendons…I would recommend seeing your GP who may refer you to a specialist. Sometimes all is needed is some physiotherapy, or maybe a steroid injection into the shoulder. He may also send you for an ultrasound scan/x ray . You could try some anti inflammatory Brufen/Paracetemol. What age are you? I am in no way trying to diagnose your shoulder problem but giving you some pointers. My hubby is an upper limb orthopaedic surgeon so he sees a lot of shoulders. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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    Thank you. I’ve tried ibeleve gel which helps a bit. I will be going to doc if it’s not improved in a couple of days.

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    I have had the same problem, dont remember injuring it but it has been really painful for about 3 weeks…saw doc about something else and mentioned it and he just gave me exercises to do and suggested painkillers….not very helpful really, mine is slowly improving ..I also am having trouble with the opposite hip, just wonder if they are related and i did over exert myself im 70 and find it now takes ages for anything to heal….

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    I had trouble with an impingement last year-had a steroid shot and some physio, now have regular massages and its mostly behaving. Wearing a shoulder support whilst playing soccer and sports can help a lot. I wear this one shoulder support and it has really helped me especially when playing soccer.

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    I lived with similar symptoms to you and spent lots at an osteo thinking it was muscular/strength issue/frozen shoulder.

    The pain continued so eventually (two years!!!) I went to doc and referred to physio – she did one thing and said I have to have a scan right away. Turns out I needed a subacromial decompression and was in and out within two weeks. My tendon had frayed a lot in that time but I gained full mobility in just 6 weeks.

    Go to GP first would be my advice.

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