Official nwsl 2014 roster

We have been posting about all the preseason rosters and seeing the development of the teams but now all the teams have just announced their official and unchanging rosters for the 2014 nwsl season!

Finally on Saturday all of the exhibition games and preseason stuff will be over and we will be into the real action of the 2014 season!
The first games we will be seeing will be;

Portland Thorns who were last years champions will be taking on Houston Dash in the first game of the season on Saturday.

Then on Sunday we will be seeing Washington Spirit battle it out against the western new york flash, also the Boston Breakers will be facing off with Seattle Reign as well on Sunday.

If you are struggling to find the games on tv then the nwsl are streaming all the games in full on YouTube for free!

Tell us what you think about the roster in the comments below! (sign up if you dont have an account)

TIP: struggling to read the roster? Right click the team roster image and click -view image for better quality


Like how you made the roster

Like how you made the roster more colorful sam! And as the roster is concerned well its looks as though sky blue is going on the defensive with only 3 strikers and 9 defenders...Washington Spirit has double the strikers sky blue has, so I guess this season is going to be very good as the teams are so different.

Cool roster can I use these

Cool roster can I use these images for my own blog? I was honestly getting quite sick of the boring exhibition games.. finally the action is going to begin. My money is on Boston Breakers.... just about all the team is going to be in midfield probably.

@soccergirl yeah use the

@soccergirl yeah use the images as you like.....(though I guess there not really images but roster banners) remember though to give me credit if you can in some way.... even if its just referring to this page. :)

A lot of international

A lot of international players there (or maybe its just there surnames and they are American) soon nwsl will be like in England mens premier league like arsenal where only one or two players playing are actually from England... maybe I am just to patriotic?

Oh 3 days and 7 hours left

Oh 3 days and 7 hours left till first game :D

I remember last years season like it was last year