Red stars against Kansas city 1-1

You could say when two teams battle it out so close to the start of the season the season has already unofficially begun! At the very least it is a very good indicator of what is to come when the season does kick off, and it looks as though its is a level playing field well it is with Kansas city and red stars anyway! The two teams played a exhibition match with the final score being 1-1.

The Red star's announces preseason 25 player roster

What do you think of the Chicago red star preseason roster? Find out who is on the team and who isn't!


Red stars Pre-Season team

21 players have been selected for the NWSL preseason team and in the selection is a lot of new players! Not only that the red stars will also be playing a number of warm up games before the start of the next season its good to see the Red stars taking the NWSL so seriously.

Chicago has told everyone the NWSL Preseason roster as they start training for the start of the new NWSL season. The red stars have a lot of old and even more new faces on the team.