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Sky Blue Defender Hayley Haagsma out because of ACL knee injury!

Not another one! This is the second reporting of a player suffering from a ACL knee injury (it is when you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee this is quite common in soccer and sports and is usually the cause of over stretching of the ligament when it is tight therefore stretching and warm up exercises before matches are really important) that we have had in a bout a week.. whats going on? The NWSL hasn’t even begun yet…. aren’t the coaches warming up the players properly before they go onto the play? This time its Skyblue defender Hayley Haagsma and just like Adrianne Franch who injured herself in the first couple days of training (Adrianne Franch will need knee surgery but it is not known whether Hayley will need knee surgery as well) she will be out for the entire national womens soccer league season.

The knee injury happened when Sky blue faced St johns uni team in exhibition match…

Head coach for the Sky blue team has came out and said that it really is a shame especially when Hayley put so much “work” into training and was looking “very impressive” in training.

Hopefully next year Hayley Haagsma will be back with Sky blue, however it has got to be said that ACL injuries can sometimes be so severe that it can wreck a players whole career, even if Hayley does manage to recover she will need lots of physio and special training to get here back to where she once was but some players are never the same players again. Hopefully thought this wont be the case with Hayley and in 2015 she will be back!

With Adrianne Franch western new york flash managed to quickly find a replacement in Australian national goalie Lydia Williams (read more on this story here: ), So who will replace Hayley Haagsma for sky blue though? What are your thoughts?

Sky blue FC beat St john 1-0

Sky blue FC luckily scored in the first 2 minutes and so manages to beat ST. john in a close game last Saturday but if they didn’t it might have been a nil-nil draw.
The game was being held in the Belson Stadium as part of a preseason exhibition match to warm up the Sky blue FC for the next season of the NWSL that kicks off in April…
The game began with a very quick goal which would prove the only goal in the second minute of play by Kendall Johnson from a free kick from the 18 yard box but that would be the only goal fans would be seeing as St John would not let their guard down another time in this match as the score hanged at 1-0 for the rest of the game.

Sky blue will have yet another exhibition match on the 23rd of march (which will be a Sunday) against the Penns state team held at the Livingston Newark academy.
You would have thought that the early goal would have carried Sky blue through the match with a greater momentum but this didn’t happen unfortunately Sky blue couldn’t beat through the ST john defense.

It was a good close game one that could have easily gone the other way… if at the start it was st john who scored in the second minute but it wasn’t… At the end of the day it was very slow as both teams had a good defense which would not budge…. note for Sky blue for the NWSL season more attacking and creating more chances is needed in my opinion!

It really doesn’t look good for Sky blue if they struggle against a small time team such as ST john, how will they cope against the bigger teams in the NWSL?

The Red star’s announces preseason 25 player roster

The Chicago red star’s have just announced its 25 player preseason roster and if you are wondering who is in it scroll down and you’ll find the fully roster below.

But first because of how the NWSL works teams are only allowed 25 player roster’s so coaches really do have to pick right and have no room for “chances”.

We can see that there are quite a few changes and new players on board from the last team pickings: which was announced earlier this month!

At the moment it is the second week of training for the players, however since the red stars started playing not all players have been their with the rest of the team…until yesterday that is.

In the team you will be seeing three Canadian players Adriana Leon, Rachel Quon and Karina LeBlan who arrived in Chicago yesterday and should shake things up a bit.

The red stars are currently getting ready for a warm up friendly (if you can call it a friendly) game versus Kansas city on Saturday which should be a good first indication about how well the team will be this season.

Well anyway enough chat here is the preseason roster this year:

Strikers on the roster are

Hayley Brock
Jennifer Hoy
Annie Worden
Micaela Castain

Midfield looks like this:
Julie Johnston
Adriana Leon
Zakiya Bywaters
Lori Chalupny
Vanessa DiBernardo
Niki Read
Alyssa Mautz
Julianne Sitch
Kelly McCloskey

In defense

Taryn Hemmings
Jessy Battelli
Heather Cooke
ackie Santacaterina
Michelle Wenino
Rachel Quon
Torri Allen
Samantha Johnson
Amy LePeilbet
Kecia Morway

In goal we have 3 players (obviously they wont go in goal all at once) good to see the Chicago red stars haven’t lost any of their goalies like the western new york flash lost their star goalie the other day.

Taylor Vancil
Karina LeBlanc
Clara Kridler

All the team is in Chicago except Christenpress who is set to join the red stars mid season in June as she is currently competing in the Swedish league also Melissa Tancredi will also join in with the team in June as well as she finishes off chiropractic school.
What do you you think about this roster then guys? I think tis a good choice of some really good players, with a few new players and rookies in this team it will be interesting to see what they have to deliver!

EDIT: Silly me, put 24 instead of 25 in the title… dont want to be disadvantaging Chicago now do we?

Red stars Pre-Season team

21 players have been selected for the NWSL preseason team and in the selection is a lot of new players! Not only that the red stars will also be playing a number of warm up games before the start of the next season its good to see the Red stars taking the NWSL so seriously.

Chicago has told everyone the NWSL Preseason roster as they start training for the start of the new NWSL season. The red stars have a lot of old and even more new faces on the team.

The red stars coach has said that the whole point of training and the preseason games is to get the girls back into the swing of things finding their form and rythm again.

A warm up game for the NWSL for the Red stars will be on 22nd of march against Kansas city at Fenton Missouri followed by playing Fighting Irish at the Notre Dame University on 2nd April then on 6th April the Red stars will then play Depaul and Oakland university in round robin games…hopefully then the Red stars will have found all the form they need and will be ready to get started with the 2014 NWSL season.

The first match the Red stars will play in the 2014 season of the NWSL will be against the Western New York Flash on april 19.

But back to the roster which looks like this:

strikers included are…

Jennifer Hoy
Florence Dadson
Annie Worden
Hayley Brock
Micaela Castain

The midfielders include are…

Niki Read
Julianne Sitch
Zakiya Bywaters
Lori Chalupny
Alyssa Mautz
Vanessa DiBernardo
Kelly McCloskey


Taryn HemmingsMichelle Wenino
Amy LePeilbetJackie Santacaterina
Jessy Battelli
Samantha Johnson
Heather Cooke
Kecia Morway

and only two goalkeepers…

Taylor Vancil
Clara Kridler

Marisa Abegg retires from soccer

Marisa Abegg has been a legend on the soccer pitch for many years she is a undoubtedly good defender many have looked up too, that has had a good soccer career to boast about but it has been officially announced that the last NWPSL 2013 season will be her last as she calls it a day. She man age to end her professional soccer career on a high with the Washington spirits. She has played for many different teams in lots of different leagues including the womens professional soccer league, WPSL, WPSL Elite and the NWPSL. Here is a list of some of the team that Marisa has played for; FC Gold Pride (women”s pro soccer league) Washington Freedom (also part of the WPS) DC United Women Gulf Cost Texans and of course the Washington spirits. She also played for Stanford in college soccer As you can see she has played for many different states and has been one of the best defenders in womens soccer in america. The reason for her retirement is that she wants to focus on her career in medical science but has said that soccer has the been a big part of her life and always will be and said that she has felt honored to be part of the women”s soccer scene. This announcement will leave a big gap which will be hard to fill… who do you think can possibly take Marisa”s place in defensive for the Spirits now?

US womens team roster Cyprus cup

US women”s soccer team get set for international games in Spain in the Cyprus cup after they announce their official team roster. US women”s soccer team set play abroad in thee international games in Spain against japan on this 1st of march then onto Sweden 3 days later on the 3rd of march and then finally Norway on the march 5th. The coach for the us team Steven Swanson is planning on taking a 20 player roster with him to help him decide next season, in these 20 players there will be seasoned pros and younger rookies trying to prove themselves and fight for their places next season. 9 players from the NWSL will be playing in the games, these include Melena shim who plays for the Portland Thorns Erika Tymrak a rookie of the year who plays for Kansas city and Jennifer Hoy who plays for the Chicago red stars. The games against Japan, Norway and Sweden are going to be really exciting to watch and really important as its these games that these players must prove themselves in that will decide what the next year hold for them. I dont know how well the us will play especially when you got so many new players in the roster this year. I always get excited with international games as because there are so many few women”s soccer teams in America it can get a little bit boring and these international games help us to see if our players are any good out in the big bad world of soccer or not rather then being isolated in our own mini leagues. With so many rookies set to play the games could swing either way and it is hard to say whether our players will be able to team up together and become united especially when they are effectively competing against each other and not just the opposing side.

Canada team roster

Canada roster announced for 2014 Cyprus cup.. but are they good enough? They have brought along with them many good players in their line up to help with their efforts to play and hopefully win the Cyprus cup.. they have already won this cup three times already but 2012, and 2013 just haven”t been there years! The team that will be playing in the med will look familiar as there are only a a few swaps around from the team you all have seen playing against the US in that friendly back in Texas last month. At the start of the group stages Canada has been chucked in at the depe end. Canada”s first match will be up against Finland on 5th march, then onto facing Italy on the 7th March, and then with England finally on 10th March. England beat Canada 1 nil in last years final so will Canada get there revenge? The roster looks like this: With three goalkeepers: Stephanie Labbé, Karina LeBlanc, Erin McLeod

A rather big selection of defenders Marie-Eve, Nault Carmelina, Moscato Lauren, Sesselmann Robyn, Gayle Kadeisha, Buchanan Rhian Wilkinson, Emily Zurrer, Rachel Quon

some good mid fielders too: Kaylyn Kyle, sophie Schmidt, Desiree Scott, Diana Matheson, Brittany Baxter

And not forgetting these folks… Adriana Leon, Josée Belanger, Nkem Ezurike, Christine Sinclair

You got a lot of players who play for Boston breakers and even Desiree Scott who plays for notts county in England so she should know how England plays!

Aching feet

I have been suffering non stop recently with sore aching feet when I play soccer and I really have had enough that is why i have decided to go ahead and go buy some insoles but what to buy? Well I have been doing some research on what I should buy and I have came to the conclusion hat custom insoles are a waste of money and so are flimsy and no good comfy ones too because custom insoles are just a huge waste as apparently you can buy many insoles out there that will fit that can be bought off the shelf and custom insoles are only for those with major problems of over or under pronation so otherwise they wont do much else for anyone else and comfy insoles for example wooly ones aren”t any good because they do not provide rigid support.. so what should you buy then? Well I have bought myself a pair of gel ones and could not really be any be happier as they have really stopped all pain and discomfort for me.

Protection is really important whilst playing football even something like kicking the football can damage your feet through the shock created by striking the ball with your feet so you need to get some that protects not just the arch of your foot but also the metatarsal and toe area from damage too, gel insoles can do this as they mold to the shape of your feet and thus shield the toe and metatarsal area just enough to stop and absorb shock created through kicking the ball and other things you may do in soccer. Arch support is really important as well as your plantar fascia must cope under a lot of strain and pressure created by your body weight and having a little help stop inflammation of the plantar fascia which is really quite common among athletes and those constantly on their feet having this extra support which gives your arches more stability and support really does help and takes some of the strain off reducing risk if injury as the plantar fascia is less tight. Wearing a good pair of insoles is also really a good way of running more efficiently as less energy is loss through the insoles form hitting the floor a good pair will not loose energy but will convert it into a spring which will help power you on whilst you run.. and that is not all I have found that the best insoles will also help prevent long term damage to the foot also by spreading pressure and shock evenly through out the foot as opposed to in a focused spot which over time can cause manufacturers due to the constant shocks no matter how small… with he insoles absorbing and depleting the shock this damage becomes minimal and the effects largely reduced.

Soccer is a 90 minute game discounting extra time of course it is a long and tiring game and sometime you may feel your heel start to hurt because you have been on your feet right through the game this is caused by pressure build up on the heel as your heel bone digs into the heel tissue below this is not good… gel insoles are really the best for protecting against this as many of these insoles will have built in heel cup”s and these heel cups help to stop the build up of pressure by cushioning the heel and molding to the changing pressures and shapes helping better spread the pressure and you may notice is that the pain on the heel may get worst as you start running or jumping as this further shock can further aggravate the heel but heel cups greatly reduce the impact shock and stop these aches and pains once and for all. Running can be a tricky business and especially if you are under pressure from a defender in football you may get caught out and start running in a awkward position which can cause damage or you may sprain something because you stepped wrongly… the bets insoles you can buy should make sure that the chances of this happening are reduced by making sure your foot is stable and with rigid support that prevents your foot from moving in a awkward and potentially harmful position as well which is really helpful especially if you are a striker like me and are always dodging and weaving through players which can be tricky at the best of times and I have more than once slipped up. A pair of good insoles does not have to cost a arm and a leg! I bought mine for less than $10 and have no complaints about them, I was going to go for a pair of custom ones but that was before one of my friends warning me against them as she said when she bought a pair they did not work half as good as the old gel insoles she had and worn for ages and she felt kind of scammed after shelling out over $100 for a pair of custom ones that did not do much.
The whole point of custom insoles is that they are purposely built form your particular feet but if you just buy some mewl insoles that mold to your shape anyway it kind of makes custom insoles redundant especially as gel insoles will constantly adapt to the changing pressures and shape of your feet as you run which is really important but because custom insoles are fixed and do not adapt then they cannot provide the best protection and support that you need. There are plenty of places you can get a pair from online I prefer buying some from nuovahealth, the exact ones I have are: as they do just fine for me and playing football. If you are still unsure there are plenty more insoles articles and review that you can read here on WPS in the Physio section. Thanks for reading my article and I hope that this at least helps you even just a little bit.

US beat North Korea 3-0

It has been really bad time for the US team after losing so many games (like with Denmark 5-3) casuing their winning streak to get stomped on… but thankfully the women’s side managed to end the Algarve cup on a high..

Womens us soccer team has beat Korea in their final game in the Algarve cup which now sees the US team finish 7th over all. Two goals were scored by Abby Wambach and with final killer blow from Heather O’reilly (this will be here 200th cap for the US national team which has only been reached nine times before ever in the US teams history) to finish of the game for the Korean side.

In this game O’reilly has proven just why she has reached her 200th cap.. in total she has scored 90 goals for the us team and with 50 assists to her name she is one of the best us players ever.

Through out the match it was the US that was the more dominant side with strong offensive attack against North Korea.

North Korea did put up a fight and did play quite well but could not match the pace of the us team who just were on the ball form the start not giving any room for the north korean side to get any chances in at all thanks to the us defense, when north Korea got hold of the ball it wasnt for long.

The us didn’t have that many chances themselves but it was the chances that they really shone.

11 minutes in the first of the US goals from a header Wamback made from a cross from Ali Krieeger who found all the space in the North Korean defense which is all she needed. and this must have been a big blow to North Korea’s confidence so early on. North Korea tried to chase the US but they struggled to really make anything happen and in the second half in the 58th minute we saw Wamback score again this time close range thanks to the efforts and a good pass from Lloyd from the left side.

Wambach can now boast 167 goals in total she has scored in her professional career.

O’reily finished the game off with a pass into the net after a good play from Krieger and LLoyd who help jar the defense open giving Oreilly all the time and space she needed to simply kick the ball into the net.

The us are set to play there next game on 6th April against China, most of the Us soccer players will in the meantime go back training with their club teams, many who are part of the NWSL will be back in training very soon as the next NWSL season kicks off again on April 12.

US lose to Denmark 5-3

This is one of those games that only happens once in a while and for the US women’s team to lose two games right after each other rarely happens at all in fact a back to back lose like this last happened in 2001 thats how rare it is for them to lose matches consecutively like this whats more the us have not lost to Denmark since 2004…

US women’s soccer team back to back losses after losing to Denmark 5-3 losing like this has not happened since 2001…… is this the beginning of the end of USA dominance in women’s soccer?
Luckily the us womens side managed to score 3 goals and put up a fight if the US team did not then questions really would be asked…. was Denmark just a better side or did the US have all the offense they needed but lacked defense?

Well it all looked good for the US team in the first half as they whipped up a 3 goal lead thanks to a goal by Katrine Veje in the 24th minute of the game then at the 35th and 40th minute of the match first from a penalty scored by Nadim and then again from Nadim from a header from a corner.

Maybe the Us thought that they had this game in the bag… but in the second half Denmark upped their game… I would carry on talking about what happened next but its pains me to talk about it!

The us side did carry on with plenty of chances and it could have easily been a win for the us but luck really was not on the US teams side at all…. It was rally great match though to watch….

What do you reckon happened?

The next game the us will playing against North Korea on the 12th march which should be there last game in the Algarve cup fighting for 7th position. This game should be an easy game right?

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