How to do more kick ups (keepy uppys)

Kick ups are a great party trick! One way to improve your coordination and footie skills is through practicing kick ups and not only that you can really impress your friends with sometimes more than actually playing good in a game (I think the number of kick ups you can do is more scalable and […]

Torn my acl.. now what!?

Well I never thought It would happen to me… thought that was pretty naive as a torn acl even happens to the very best soccer players take Sky blue player Hayley Haagsma… No doubt it is my own fault that I have ended up with a torn acl (which is basically the anterior cruciate […]

What I know about preventing injury

Some people may read this and think that I am some sort of hypochondriac… I swear I’m not…honest! I’m going to be telling you just about everything I know and what I do to avoid those nasty injuries….. Being healthy, keeping healthy and being the best of the best is what it is all about […]