New York Flash signs Barcelona captain

New York Flash

New york flash have just grabbed themselves a brand new player all the way from Barcelona and not just any old player but their captain! New york flash has a new player on their side next season and they come all the way from Barcelona maybe the New york flash are hoping for there very own Messi. María Victoria Losada Gómez is set to start playing for the new york team that if goes okay with their p1 visa and transfer certificate but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The flash Manager has spoken out about the new signing of the captain of Barcelona saying he is “really excited”. It is good news for the NWSL as the league start spreading its wings into more international signings. She started her playing career for Bareclona back in 2008 and has been a strong asset to the team ever since… it has not been disclosed how much Maria Victoria cost the new york flash side but I doubt the signing was cheap… after all who would get rid of their star captain for pennies… Barcelona is one of the strongest teams in women”s football winning national championships back to back. María Victoria isnt just or rather was the captain for Barcelona but also is part of one of the best women”s soccer teams ever the Spanish national team…. Looks as though new york flash going to be getting lots of goals in this next season!

Boston Breakers gain new forward!


Here is a quick blog post (sorry I haven’t been blogging here for a while).

According to the Nwsl website ( the Boston Breakers have just got a new player signed to their side for next years nwsl! Who is it? Suzanne Pires a forward player from Brazil. This former reserve player who has already played for the Boston Breakers as a reserve has already in the wpsl scored 6 goals and if that wasn’t enough assisted with 6 other goals too in the wpsl and is a very good player and a popular player within the team!
She has been playing in football leagues such as the Sao Paulo Futsal championship league way back in 2005.

Boston coaches have said that they spotted her earlier this year as she stood out from all other in the try outs and put her in the reverse team where she has improved massively and now is ready to play with the main team!

Kansas city win against Houston dash


Kansas city managed to win some more points after beating Houston dash 2-1 Saturday infront of a houston home crowd at the Compass staidum in Houston.

This game could have gone eithier way.. Houston dash on the offensive as the game stood at 1-1 nearly looked as though they would score again and break the tie but things quickly turned the other way and it was kansas city in the final minute of stoppage time, thanks to Frances Silva who managed to socre a header for the kansas side in the last moments menat that Kasas won!

The first half the game was boring to say the least with not much action and drive from eithier side but in the second half things started to lift!

Jenna Richmond scored in the 66th minute of the match with some really great skill and all by her own.

In the 79 minute of the game Becky edwards kncoked the ball into the back of the net froma corner kick from Stepahinie Oches as she stood next to the post.

On the 94th minute of the game the final goal came as Frances Silva headed the ball in from a great cross made by Erika Tymrak.

Kansas City are currently second in the Nwsl with Houston Dash trailing behind in 7th position.

You can watch this match in full on Youtube HERE IS THE LINK.

-I have not been posting much recently here on womensprosoccer.. sorry guys I have been busy playing soccer and watching the WORLD CUP… the world cup does kind of trump the nwsl any day!

Womens Soccer News Roundup! 1ST July!


With the world cup in Brazil going on their has been much updating here on womensprosoccer because we are all so busy enjoying the world cup! So I have decided to do a quick round up of all the womens soccer news I can find that has happened recently.

Lots of games on Saturday.. this is what happened!

—Seattle Reign are still top of the nwsl league and still undefeated after a goalless draw against Sky Blue Fc who are currently 7th in the league on Saturday. The game was played over in Seattle.

—Spirit gets one over on Dash at their home turf beating them 1-0 in Houston. The goal was scored by Jodie Taylor making it her 7th this season!

—Kansas city who are currently second in the nwsl gets some more points on the board and edges more and more closer to the top after beating Portland thorns who are 6th in the nwsl currently. The one goal was scored by Lauren Holiday from a assist from Amy Rodriguez.

—New york flash beat Boston Breakers. New york flash where first to score as Carli Lloyd got one in in the 51 st minute.. The Boston Breakers (who are at the bottom of the league needed the points) then equalized in the 71st minute after Nkem Ezurike scored and it looked as though the game would be a draw but the New york side snatched it back when Carli Lloyd scored again in the 83rd minute of the game.

In news off the pitch…
Goalie Hope solo has been released from jail after getting herself arrested for domestic violence. She has pleaded not Guilty.

Mini health soccer guide


In this guide I will be telling you exactly how you can get healthy for the next soccer season! Firstly it goes without saying that if you smoke you got to stop and IMMEDIATELY! This also goes for alcohol and drugs too all harmful substances can really impact your health in so many ways. Smoking clogs up your arteries with also sorts of bad chemicals and tar sticking to your organs and causing cell mutations which can cause cancer…. Being fit and with good cardio health is something that makes a good soccer player as you can have all the skills in the world but if you cannot keep up with the other player you aren”t much use in a game so quit smoking as it leaves you out of breathe and really does damage your insides in every way. Eating a healthy balanced diet is what you need. So many people think that you need to have a “special diet” but nothing can be more special and better for you than a balanced one this is because you need a balanced amount of all the nutrients not just one or two of them. Take for example calcium, calcium is really good for maintaining strong bones and joints however it is not enough just to drink milk for instances you also need vitamin D which helps your body better absorb the calcium in your diet too. Junk food that contain no nutritional benefit in other words empty calorie foods must be missed this is because these foods only provide quick spikes in energy and do not actually help provide you with any real energy which you will need.. if you eat junk food which generally is just empty calories then you will find that your body will quickly digest the food you may feel full at first but as your body will quickly digest the food and use it up you will quickly feel hungry again. Eat foods rich in fiber to stop your body doing this and to encourage slow digestion which will make you have a lot more energy through out the whole day and not in quick bursts. Don”t try and skip meals as well too loose weight as this is a bad way of getting healthy and just starves your body of nutrients which it needs your body will then eat into its reserves, your body will use your muscles first and then your fat this means if you skip meals then your body will get its energy out of the muscle leaving just fat left. Having a good balanced diet wont just help you be healthy if you are still in your teen years it can help promote growth, eating a poor diet can though cause stunted growth. It is very important to exercise. Cardio exercise is really important… different exercises such as running, swimming and even yoga can keep you flexible.. quick and nimble on your feet which you are going to need in soccer! Keeping up the exercises is really important as often you will do a real big exercise routine and thing “right done that now dont need to do anymore exercise for a couple of weeks..” this is the wrong way to look at it as exercise should be part of your lifestyle, yes it can be boring at times but exercises doesn”t just have to be down at the gym but playing sports as well. Cardio helps improve heart health making your heart and circulatory system more efficient too not only that but you will have more energy as well! that is just naming just a few of the tons of benefits of actually doing exercise. I actually find exercising with resistance bands really helpful as they help to stretch out the muscles with a little bit of resistance helping to not only make your muscles stronger but more flexible as well, plus with resistance bands you can work on the whole body as well from legs to arms which is quite handy. When you get into soccer you should always warm up to make sure you do not strain a muscle otherwise you might be getting stretchered away off the pitch. When I play soccer I always do a session of kick ups for a warm up and I also do a couple stretches for all my muscles from just about head to toe… lastly followed by a light jog. I also after I have played make sure I do a warm down with a light jog and a few stretches just to be on the safe side after a soccer game. Well that”s my simple and quick guide to staying healthy for soccer, thanks for reading I guess.. tell em what you think in the comments below on anything you think I should add.

2-1 Houston Dash vs New York Flash

New York Flash

The final score between Houston Dash and NY flash ended at 2-1.. a surprising victory for Houston Dash as they trail second from bottom of the league.

Yesterday New york flash lost against Houston Dash in front of a new York home crowd at the Sahlens Stadium where over 3, 500 fans turned out to watch the game.

New york Flash were the first to score thanks to McCall Zerboni just before the end of the first half with a volley into the back of the net from a cross made by Adriana Martin.
Moments later it looked as though the NY team would score again as Adrianne passed the ball over to Samantha Kerr who didn’t have have to worry about the dash’s defense as she left them behind but unfortunately Bianca Henninger who is the Dahs’s goalkeeper managed to get a touch on the one on one shot for goal made by Samantha Kerr.. Dash’s defense were then ready to get hold of the ball and make the clearance. (It goes without saying that they really needed that goal!)

Despite being 1-0 down, Houston dash came back in the second half strong and McCarty in the 52st minute managed to score as she tapped the ball in from a shot made by Kealia Ohai after getting the ball made by a throwing from Arianna Romero.

The winner came on at the 73rd minute of the match when Burger headed in a corner kick made by Stephanie Ochs.

-The Dash’s next game will be up against sky blue.

Ny flash will be up against Kansas city in their next match.

Currently The Houston dash are 8th in the league with 7 points, winning 2, losing 7 and drawing 1, whereas Ny flash are placed 6th with 11 points, 3 wins, 2 draws and this lose is there 4th in the season.

Kansas city tie with Seattle Reign 1-1


Seattle reign had been dominating the nwsl this season…. Seattle was winning all the games they played until they finally tied 1-1 with Kansas city on Wednesday.
The game was played at Wireless Field in Kansas city where 2, 011 fans watched.

The game began and both teams looked equal as the ball was quickly swapping possession between the two teams. Just 6 minutes into the game the first chance was created as Rodriguez ran with th ball and made a shot only for Hope solo to block it from going in. Both goals of the game came just before the end of the first half…Kansas city was first to score thanks to a assist made by Liz Bogus to Amy Rodriguez but celebrations were short lived as only 3 minutes later Seattle reign leveled out the score board. Seattle reign put one in the back of the net from a penalty kick made by Kim little. The penalty was given as Nikki Phillips fouled one of the Seattle players. It was a close penalty kick as Barnhart picked the right side to dive and nearly hit it away.

In the second half of the game things were looking tight on both teams but neither could score again because the teams were so even matched.

Kansas city could have won this match if they did not give Seattle that penalty.. it is as simple as that.

Currently Seattle are top of the league and have 22 points from 8 wins and 1 tie so far whilst Kansas city is 4th in the league and have 12 points winning 3 of their games, losing 4 and 3 ties currently.

Kansas city will be facing Boston breakers in their next game on Sunday which will take place in Boston at 6:00 at the Harvard stadium. Later Kansas city will be playing at home against the New York Flash on June 4th.

Red stars vs Boston Breakers 4-1

Boston, Boston Breakers

Luck is not on the Boston Breakers side this season as the Red Stars beat them 4-1 on Sunday. The first goal of the game came in just 20 minutes as DiBernardo played a corner into the box which was tapped away by the Boston Breakers goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher but just three minutes after this close call a Second corner kick which bounced off the heads of the heads of the Red star players right to where Wenino was who managed to pass it into the net.
It was in the 35 minutes of the match that Boston Breakers got back into the swing of things and from a penalty kick from a handball made by Samantha Johnson who was trying to block the ball Lianne Sanderson was trying to cross… This penalty kick made by Heather O’Reilly would see Boston level out the score board.

Both team were looking strong and either team could have snatched the lead again in the last couple minutes of the first half but both teams couldn’t get the ball in the net.

It was evident that the Red stars in the second half of the game were the strongest team and dominated play. 50 minutes into the game Leon passed the ball to Loy who managed to dribble the ball close enough to the goal to make a shot which landed in the bottom right hand corner of the net.
then only 7 minutes later Hoy manages to snatch the ball of Boston Breakers Cat Whitehill passing it over to Dibernardo who slipped it into Chalupny who managed to quickly passes it into the back of the net. This made the score 3-1.

It was now the 85th minute of the game another goal would surely put the last nail int he coffin for the Breakers and that’s what the Red stars did. Bywaters collected the ball off a bad corner kick as Alyssa Mautz cleared it to Bywaters who was then able to run up field with the ball, dribbling past Naeher and placing the ball in the back of the net as most of the Boston Breakers team watched helplessly behind her.
Boston tried there best and went on the offensive putting more players upfront but it wasn’t enough.

The red stars next game will be against Houston Dash on 23rd of May and then they will be taking on New jersey on 28th of May.

NY lose at home to Spirits

New York Flash

4 598 fans turned out for Saturdays game where Western New York Flash and The Washington Spirit battled it out at the Maureen Hendricks Field over in Boyds.
The NY home team was looking strong but it was thanks mainly to the spirits Jodie Taylor scoring first just 11 minutes into the game. It was then looking good for flash as Flash put another one in the net making the score 2-1.
Despite the flash’s star players Abby Wambach and Carli Lloyd managed to score two goals in this game but it wasn’t enough… As later on just as people thought the game was coming to a end in the 71st minutes of the match Washington Spirits scored again (or rather a own goal as the ball bounced off Kat Williams Jodie Taylor mad eit happen) and then moments later (7 minutes to be precise) the spirits scored yet another goal (From a free kick to Averbuch who headed it towards Taylor who then managed to pass it through into the back of the net) which put the spirits in a great spot and meant NY was playing catch up with only a couple minutes to go… and it wasn’t to be as the final whistle went.

This is NY flash’s 2 second loss so far this season.
Both Ny flash and the spirits have won 3 games but Washington spirit have won 3 games but have lost 4.
Ny flash are currently 3rd in the league with 10 points and Washington Spirit despite this victory are 6th having notched up 9 points.

Currently first by quite a way are Seattle reign who are still unbeaten and have won all of their games and have 21 points…which is miles ahead of Portland Thorns with 11 who are 2nd in the league.

You may have noticed that Spirit defender Toni Pressley wasn’t playing in this game if you watched it. This is because Toni Pressley has sustained a Posterior Knee injury in her knee which she got near to the end of the last game Spirit’s played against Kansas City. She is now expected to miss a large chunk of this years season due to her injury. It isnt thought that the injury is career changing or will need surgery. Toni Pressley has said she is “obviously disappointed”!

How to do more kick ups (keepy uppys)


Kick ups are a great party trick! One way to improve your coordination and footie skills is through practicing kick ups and not only that you can really impress your friends with sometimes more than actually playing good in a game (I think the number of kick ups you can do is more scalable and less subjective than playing in football game). With better control over the ball it should be that the more kick ups you do the more skillful with ball you will be… well that what the plan is anyway. Keeping the ball off the ground for as long as possible is the aim of the game, initially you will be just using your one foot to do this when starting out with them but as you get better you will then use both feet moving onto using your knees then chest, head shoulders and any other body part your can think of as you practice and get more control and better at it.

So How do you actually get better?

Try to make sure when you are doing the kick ups that you strike the ball the slope of your foot just between the bridge of your foot and the toes with just enough power to get the ball up to just above your knees. When you first start out doing kick ups it can be a good idea if you are struggling to let the ball bounce once in between the keepy uppys this will give you more time to react…


Kick ups are all about balance, it is key. Having a good center of gravity is the really important keeping you self stable as possible and not wobbling this will ensure better and more controlled accurate movement when kicking the ball meaning less chance of the ball going somewhere it shouldn”t not only that but it is really a helpful to be in control of your balance so if you have to quickly change position or change the way your kicking the ball to stop it from dropping to the floor you can more easily. It is good to be confident in your balance as well!


Be confident when doing keep uppys as well! Confidence is really important! If you over think or start doubting your abilities chances are the ball will drop to the floor as you loose control. Its all about being natural and not hesitating as kick ups are all about instant quick reactive movements to keep the ball in the air… thinking about it just delays your reactions and causes hesitation that can make you slip up.

Light touches

The harder you kick the ball the faster and the higher it goes in the air this will mean that you will have less control on the ball as well. Keep your touches light, soft and controlled. But not to soft as you want the ball to at least reach your knees to give you time to react and kick it back up again. Try to get rhythm going with your kick ups this will really help as you will think less and it all become much more natural and less hap hazard. Practice does make perfect. Keep practicing and eventually you will gain more confidence and better coordination plus with a faster reaction time there will be no reason why you cannot impress your friends with your soccer skills on and off the pitch! ‘, ‘This is just my quick guide telling you how to get started on doing keepy uppys! Doing loads of keepy uppys is one way of impressing your soccer mates for sure!