Sweden Knocks out Brazil in penalty shoot-out!

Brazil women’s soccer team have lost against Sweden dashing the Brazilian hopes at getting an gold in soccer in their own country. Throughout the match both teams fought hard and played very defensively to make sure they did not concede a single goal. It would take a finger biting penalty shoot-out to decide who would win the semi final match!

This is a second surprise win and victorious penalty shoot-out for the Swedish team after having beaten the “best team in the world” team USA earlier in the quarter finals. However some people are saying that Sweden simply do not deserve to win the gold because of their boring, overly defensive play and how they just dont take any risks at all or how Hope Solo put it “they are just a bunch of cowards!”


The Brazilian team still has a hope to get something out of these games as the Brazilian team will now play Canada (after Canada lost against Germany in their semi final match) to see who will bag 3rd place in the tournament and more importantly that bronze medal!

In an interview after the match Marta FIFA’s Women’s World Player of the Year said

“This loss won’t take away from all that we have done to get here,”
then adding
“We have the match for the bronze medal now and we will fight until the end to get that medal. We have to pick up the pieces to try to win this medal.”201608161436526134641


The USA have been BEATEN by Sweden in the Olympic quarter final after a 4-3 penalty shoot-out meaning the USA will not get the gold medal which many thought was theirs for the taking!
This means that the USA who wanted to become the first team in history to win the world cup and the olympics in a consecutive year will not happen!
This the earliest the womens USA team have ever went out in a international tournament EVER!

It was a very closely contended match. The Swedish team in the second half of the match gained the upper hand as Stina Blackstenius gave the Swedish team the lead and managed to hang onto this lead for quite sometime until Alex Morgan managed to get an equalizer with just 13 minutes left on the clock. In the final moments of the game Carli Lloyd headed the ball into the back of the net and it looked as though the USA team had won but the goal was ruled out for foul then quickly after Lotta Schelin also managed to get the ball into the back of the net for Sweden however that to was ruled out for being offside!

After a tight 1-1 game the match then went onto penalty Kicks were Sweden managed to do the impossible and beat the no.1 team in the world!

Hope Solo didn’t take the defeat to well calling the Sweden players “ a bunch of cowards!” but you have to remember that Sweden have not been beaten once by team USA since their former coach Pia Sundhage started coaching Sweden!

No medal for France as Canada beats them in the quarter finals!

All bets were on France defeating Canada in this quarter final however it just wasn’t to be in this very unpredictable Olympics after Sophie Schmidt scores the only goal of the match securing Canada’s place in the Olympic semi finals! In the last eight meetings with france Canada have only beaten them once!

This means that Canada have now beaten the worlds second, third and fifth best ranked teams in the world! In these Olympics Canada is really proving itself on the world stage as a force to be reckoned but may not have to prove themselves much more now as Canada will not have to worry about facing the worlds No.1 ranked team though after Sweden beats the United States in penalty kicks which was the earliest exist for the U.S team ever in a major international tournament!

Canada will play against Germany in their next match after the Germans 1-0 victory against China. Canada have already beaten Germany in the group stages of the Olympics 2-1! Will Canada be able to pull this off again or have Germany revised their tactics and will come out with vengeance?

After the match the Canadian coach John Herdman added. “We’re on the medal rounds. We’re here, but we’re not done yet.”

Do you think Canada will get medal? If so what colour will it be?!

USA beat New Zealand in Olympics!

USA gets an easy opening winner against New Zealand 2-0 in the opening Olympics game!
Carli Lloyd scores the first of the two goals composed and in control after just 9 into the game.

Just seconds into the second half Alex Morgan scores the second goal smashing new Zealand’s hopes into the ground.

The game was very routine and pretty boring as the new Zealand team didn’t seem to put on much of a fight against the worlds no.1 team.. maybe New Zealand just wanted to conserve energy?!

It wasnt all plain saling for the US side though as throughout the game Hope Solo was taunted by the crowd with boos and zika chants!
The taunts and chants come after Hoep solos social media post were she posed with an assortment of different anti mosquito products.

After the match Hope Solo seemed to take the taunts and chants in good jest saying in an interview “It’s the Brazilians, they love soccer, they love football, it’s part of the culture so I expect it, but they’re having fun. I mean, at least it’s loud in the stadium – I’d rather have that than hear a needle drop,”

Carli Lloyd, celebrates after scoring just 9 minutes into the match.
Carli Lloyd, celebrates after scoring just 9 minutes into the match.

Rio Olympics Soccer Women team usa Rio Olympics Soccer Women team usa 2

Carli Lloyd shows off her skills against New Zealand's Katie Bowen.
Carli Lloyd shows off her skills against New Zealand’s Katie Bowen.
Julie Johnston and Allie Long to head the ball in!
Julie Johnston and Allie Long to head the ball in!

England beat hosts Canada 2-1

England have now made it to the semi finals of the world cup after beating the world cup hosts in a epic game! The final score was Canada 1 (Sinclair 41) England 2 (Taylor 11, Bronze 14).
How the match went?

At the very start Canada’s defense seemed all over the place this gave an early opportunity for England as Christine Sinclair made a brilliant run through an open defense passing it to Melissa Tancredi who only had to get it past Karen Bardsley but wasted the chance by kicking the ball over the bar.

However a more successful opportunity came just minutes later…

It had been Jodie Taylors first time in the starting line up in a long time because of injury but it was a good job she was given the chance this time to play as just 11 minutes into the game Allysha Chapman stumbled with the ball allowing for Jodie Taylor to swipe the ball off her and with great composure smashed the ball into the back of the net.

There was no time for Canada to lick their wounds however as minutes later England scored yet another goal. As Canada gave away a free kick to England, Fara Williams managed to kick the ball into the mixer (box) allowing for Lucy Bronze to header the ball over Erin McLeod just in under the bar of the net…

Despite Canada’s efforts the host side seemed to crumble after that.. it looked as though England were about to make it 3-0 with another chance coming from yet another free kick from Williams to Katie Chapman to head however the ball hit the bar this time!

Canada manged though to pull themselves together and get a goal. On the edge of the box Sinclair fed the ball to Ashley Lawrence who then crossed it in but was spilled by Bardsley this allowed Sinclair to simply plant the ball into an empty net.

Despite being in the lead in the second half, England still where on the attack and managed to get a few more good opportunities however luck wasn’t on their side… luck wasn’t on Canada side either too despite composing themselves and putting up a fight.

England will be facing the current holders of the world cup Japan in their next game in the semi finals.

Making the semi finals is a real triumph for the England team as the womens side has never made it this far before in a world cup!

Brazil vs South Korea! Brazil break records!

South Korea stood no chance as Brazil dominated possession (68%). The final score ended at 2-0 to Brazil.

This was a game that put two Brazilian players into the record books. Firstly Formiga who is playing her 6th world cup at the age of 37 managed to score an opening goal and win the title as the oldest person to score ever in a Womens World Cup then if that wasn’t enough Brazil’s Marta scored with a second half penalty kick Marta has appeared 93 international appearances and this is her 92 goal stats that would rival any top male football player however this latest goal from Marta was something special. This is her 15th goal scored in total in Women’s World Cups this means she beats the current record of 14 held by herself and former Germany striker Birgit Prinz.

After the game Marta has explained how she nearly quit playing soccer after getting criticism from her peers as she grew up.

“As I got older and became a teenager there were more people criticizing me. For example ‘this is not a sport for you, go find something else to do in an area for women’,”

This proves that If you enjoy something and believe in what you do you should never give up no matter what others say!

Canada and China 1-0 Opening world cup game!

After a long drawn out match between Canada and China, Canada finally clinched the win in front of 50,000 fans who turned out to watch the game! 1-0 was the final score as Christine Sinclair scored through a last minute penalty kick.
With the game drawing to a close it seemed as though the first game of the World cup was going to be a draw that was until Canada’s Adriana Leon was fouled by Rong Zhao in the box. Everything then hung on Christine Sinclair to take the penalty. Christine didn’t succumb to the pressure! Christine said after the game that as soon as the referee made the call for a penalty to be given She absolutely knew that she was the one to take it!
“I’ve been practising my whole life for that moment,” she said in an interview.
China played a frustrating very defensive game. The Chinese strategy was simple.. let Canada have sole possession and let Canada do all the hard work and come to them.
Canada played contrastingly different at the start playing quite aggressively and on the attack however China’s tactics proved effective and Canada soon ran out of steam. Canada’s first big chance to score was just three minutes into the game with a free kick taken by Sophie Schmidt however Wang the Chinese goalkeeper managed to stop the ball going into the next despite Sophie having to kick at the ball.
Overall it was a good game and great opener to the world cup! We just hope that China don’t end up playing another team with the same kind of tactics.

New York Flash signs Barcelona captain

New york flash have just grabbed themselves a brand new player all the way from Barcelona and not just any old player but their captain! New york flash has a new player on their side next season and they come all the way from Barcelona maybe the New york flash are hoping for there very own Messi. María Victoria Losada Gómez is set to start playing for the new york team that if goes okay with their p1 visa and transfer certificate but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The flash Manager has spoken out about the new signing of the captain of Barcelona saying he is “really excited”. It is good news for the NWSL as the league start spreading its wings into more international signings. She started her playing career for Bareclona back in 2008 and has been a strong asset to the team ever since… it has not been disclosed how much Maria Victoria cost the new york flash side but I doubt the signing was cheap… after all who would get rid of their star captain for pennies… Barcelona is one of the strongest teams in women”s football winning national championships back to back. María Victoria isnt just or rather was the captain for Barcelona but also is part of one of the best women”s soccer teams ever the Spanish national team…. Looks as though new york flash going to be getting lots of goals in this next season!

Boston Breakers gain new forward!

Here is a quick blog post (sorry I haven’t been blogging here for a while).

According to the Nwsl website (http://www.nwslsoccer.com) the Boston Breakers have just got a new player signed to their side for next years nwsl! Who is it? Suzanne Pires a forward player from Brazil. This former reserve player who has already played for the Boston Breakers as a reserve has already in the wpsl scored 6 goals and if that wasn’t enough assisted with 6 other goals too in the wpsl and is a very good player and a popular player within the team!
She has been playing in football leagues such as the Sao Paulo Futsal championship league way back in 2005.

Boston coaches have said that they spotted her earlier this year as she stood out from all other in the try outs and put her in the reverse team where she has improved massively and now is ready to play with the main team!

Kansas city win against Houston dash

Kansas city managed to win some more points after beating Houston dash 2-1 Saturday infront of a houston home crowd at the Compass staidum in Houston.

This game could have gone eithier way.. Houston dash on the offensive as the game stood at 1-1 nearly looked as though they would score again and break the tie but things quickly turned the other way and it was kansas city in the final minute of stoppage time, thanks to Frances Silva who managed to socre a header for the kansas side in the last moments menat that Kasas won!

The first half the game was boring to say the least with not much action and drive from eithier side but in the second half things started to lift!

Jenna Richmond scored in the 66th minute of the match with some really great skill and all by her own.

In the 79 minute of the game Becky edwards kncoked the ball into the back of the net froma corner kick from Stepahinie Oches as she stood next to the post.

On the 94th minute of the game the final goal came as Frances Silva headed the ball in from a great cross made by Erika Tymrak.

Kansas City are currently second in the Nwsl with Houston Dash trailing behind in 7th position.

You can watch this match in full on Youtube HERE IS THE LINK.

-I have not been posting much recently here on womensprosoccer.. sorry guys I have been busy playing soccer and watching the WORLD CUP… the world cup does kind of trump the nwsl any day!

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